Focus on zibo NPC and CPPCC | Lu Hanming: Enabling medical insurance to accelerate the transfer of patients to good doctors

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On the morning of February 18, the first session of the 16th People’s Congress of Zibo city opened.Lu Hanming, director of Zibo Medical Security Bureau, said in an interview with Dazhong Daily:Zibo city health department will implement the government work report requirements, closely around the CPC municipal committee and municipal government deepen “nine when we can” and “nine focus on” deployment, continue to deepen the reform of the medical security system, and take up the people’s livelihood security line, in effect, at the forefront of health care to write high quality development new situation, new high quality in the people’s livelihood,To accelerate the transformation and leapfrog development of the city to contribute to the strength of medical insurance.In 2021, The Medical Security Bureau of Zibo City will pay close attention to “the most expected by the masses, the most cared about by enterprises, the most concerned by society and the most needed by development”, and steadily improve the medical insurance benefits. The payment limit of medical insurance for employees will increase “in the twelfth consecutive year”, and the outpatient benefits of medical insurance for residents will remain in the forefront of the province.”Zibo Qihui Insurance” has ranked first in Shandong province for two consecutive years, with the highest compensation of 309,700 yuan;We carried out a national pilot project to ensure the use of drugs in outpatient clinics for “two diseases”, reimbursing more than 15.1 million yuan.Organize provincial continuous procurement on behalf of Shandong Province, saving RMB 350 million for Zibo every year……To inject strong impetus into the construction of quality people’s livelihood medical insurance.The year of 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress, the key year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the year of quality improvement of Zibo City, and the crucial year to promote the high-quality development of medical security.This year, Zibo Medical Security Bureau will closely focus on the “quality of people’s livelihood”, do a solid job in medical security, lead by example to deepen reform and innovation, protect the security of medical insurance fund, do everything possible to optimize medical insurance service level, and strive to make people feel more satisfied, more sustainable happiness and more secure security.Zibo city health bureau will continue to promote reform and innovation, improve the level of fine management on precision, steadily improve residents insurance of primary medical treatment of outpatient service as a whole the reimbursement, outpatient slow disease reimbursement ratio, increase staff, residents slow disease diseases and 50 kinds, perfecting the system of long-term care insurance, build “health care + shang bao + bail-out” new development model of fusion,Strengthen the medical assistance guarantee, support the development of commercial health insurance, improve the product design of “Zibo Qihui Insurance”, improve the group security level of rare diseases, meet the needs of basic medical security accidents of the masses;We will push forward the online operation of the one-stop medical insurance service system for sick patients, and improve the rapid settlement of commercial insurance and medical insurance.We will further promote the DIP payment reform and carry out the pilot work of TCM day diagnosis and treatment settlement, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of medical insurance services and bring zibo insured people a real sense of gain.On the basis of exploring the reform of “family mutual aid” of individual medical insurance account in Zibo in 2021, Zibo Medical Security Bureau, as a pilot city of “family mutual aid” in Shandong Province, expanded the security function of individual medical insurance account, designed and developed the program security of “family mutual aid”, and reformed the system of 2,530 designated medical institutions in the city to achieve full coverage.More than 400,000 people benefited from the “family assistance” service, effectively improving the efficiency of personal accounts.This year, the bureau will further establish and improve the outpatient mutual aid security mechanism, including the expenses of general outpatient service in secondary and tertiary hospitals into the scope of employee medical insurance reimbursement, reform the employee medical insurance personal account, explore the use of personal accounts for spouses, parents and children to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents and other personal contributions.Zibo Medical Security Bureau is committed to building a “warm heart medical insurance” brand, weaving a tightly woven grassroots medical security service network, creating a “15-minute medical insurance service circle”, so that grassroots people can enjoy high-quality medical insurance services nearby.Stick to the needed, the hope, want and build a unified, efficient and convenient health care service system, to strengthen the construction of standardization of health care service station, make people “home health care”, the city built 2058 grassroots health service stations, to achieve convenient service center of township (town) street agency complete coverage of health care service station and conditional village;We will strengthen the guarantee of drug use and extend the use and reimbursement services for chronic diseases to town hospitals and village clinics.173 village clinics with conditions were selected to explore the online settlement of chronic diseases in outpatient clinics, so as to meet the people’s demand for medical reimbursement services for chronic diseases in outpatient clinics nearby.Organizations in the city 520 pharmacies “countries in drug into pharmacy” activities, intensify “countries in drug into base”, explore the implementation of “country in drugs in clinic” action, strive to participate in activities account for more than 40% of the number of village clinics, safeguard the crowd in front of a pharmacy, the clinic will be able to buy to reliable quality, affordable in medicine.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Liu Leili and Yang Shudong)