It’s time to rethink a restaurant that relies entirely on Internet celebrities

2022-06-07 0 By

The rise of social networking sites has led to the creation of a new profession: Internet celebrity shopkeepers.The earliest shops existed in the era of television and print media.In the early days of Hong Kong, TV stations often filmed some programs about exploring food restaurants. It seemed that everyone could go into a food restaurant to eat, drink and make comments.Nowadays, there are two kinds of school: graphic school and video school.(February 17 Quality and service is the new weekly) # # king tang also Tang of business: in the context of traffic economy, after a web celebrity agent store, drainage, perhaps can instantly make a shop fire.However, whether we can gain a firm foothold in the market, win a good reputation and continue to be popular for a long time depends on the quality of our products and services.Internet celebrity shop is just a gimmick of commercial publicity, let the customer satisfaction is the purpose of business.If the business does not practice good “internal function”, only rely on the Internet red heat, in the end is just false.Especially in the fake data, fake sharing chaos, the final filter for the online celebrity shop, in addition to the consumer is the business itself.As the saying goes, good wine needs no bush.As long as the products and services are well done, customers will naturally have positive feedback and word of mouth.Therefore, only by constantly improving the hard power of products, doing a good job in quality and service can businesses retain more repeat customers and continue to be popular in the long term.Xu Congzhong: In the Internet era, the ubiquitous shop bloggers have penetrated every aspect of social media. There is even a saying that “30 shop bloggers can build an online celebrity restaurant”.In the process of “wild growth”, many weeds, such as false publicity, “war” marketing, make the network environment a miasma, not only is not conducive to the protection of consumer rights and interests, but also is not conducive to the healthy development of the catering industry.In view of these chaotic situations, businesses should publicize them in accordance with laws and regulations, Internet platforms should fulfill their main responsibility, and relevant departments should also take action.Only through various efforts, “clear and clear” chaos, can we make the orderly development of this new business mode.