“Party Construction leads red property” “Embrace spring sowing green flying hope”

2022-06-07 0 By

In March, all things revive, and every corner of the earth is full of spring breath. On the occasion of the 44th Arbor Day, in order to effectively improve the ecological environment of the community and create a livable and happy home, on the morning of March 13,Guo-ze Group national color Party branch all party member volunteers and Yan ‘an South Road Huifeng community party member volunteers in the garden new District to jointly carry out “embrace spring sowing green flying hope” Arbor Day theme party day activities.A plant, a love, party members volunteers orderly began the tree-planting activities.We have a clear division of labor and cooperate with each other, sorting saplings, digging holes, helping trees to cultivate soil, spraying and watering, and each process is closely linked and coordinated.After some hard work, a total of more than 100 seedlings planted, each seedling stands in the warm spring breeze in March, for our home added a piece of new green.Pass green hope, welcome spring together.Through this tree planting activity, not only beautify the home, but also enhance our ecological awareness of environmental protection, let us work together to improve the community environment, to build a harmonious, beautiful and happy home.(Liu Jia tian Haodong)