The 2022 Jiangsu TV Spring Festival Gala will be upgraded to pay tribute to the front-line staff, and the stage will be young and energetic

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On The first day of the Chinese New Year on February 1, families were in a state of jubilation. As the most suitable program for families to watch together, the stage of the Spring Festival Gala should not be missed. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, I watched the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.According to various data, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of Jiangsu SATELLITE TV has not only been supported by mainstream media, but also performed very well in terms of audience rating and discussion on social platforms.Here is a summary of this year’s Jiangsu TV Spring Festival Gala highlights.There are singers such as Zhong Zhentao, Yang Hongji, Zhou Shen, Liu Yuning and Tenger, as well as sketch actors such as Dasuo, Sun Tianyu, Wang Hao and Shi Ze, as well as front-line staff who insist on struggling in various positions. Jiangsu SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Tiger is not only a happy family reunion, but also quality assurance.Young stage, laughter constantly as an old friend of jiangsu TV, tengger can bring us many surprise, every time in the year of the tiger 2022 jiangsu satellite TV on the Spring Festival gala, tengger two stage, first brought spun performances, then sang the special edition “love 105 degrees you”, the modelling of wearing a tuxedo, wearing a hat,With his special singing style, make the song seem more playful.Last year, a song titled “Xiao” by Well Oboro became a hit on various platforms, singing the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland with a young voice, expressing the attitude of young people.In this year’s stage, yan Yongqiang also joined in the song performance, as a young generation of suona skills master, his performance should not be missed, and young pianist Zhang Haotian, three young people with their best skills combined, for the motherland’s great rivers and mountains.Singing and acting programs to bring surprise arrangement, in addition to the old friend Jia Bing team, language programs are also gradually moving toward younger, the invitation to the annual comedy contest popular players, and wang Hao Shice is also a frequent guest on the stage of Jiangsu SATELLITE TV, full of skits.Wang Hao, shi Ce again play CP, two people with a special way to tell the modern lovers between the “love you in the heart is difficult to open”, and finally with the help of the robot translation, to remove the misunderstanding between the two sides.Big lock and Sun Tianyu’s “Daewoo water control” combination, this time in the sketch is the relationship between father and son, tells the father wants to keep up with social changes, into the son’s heart appeal, and make out of a series of events, the story is full of laughter and warm.The skits also need to advance with The Times and enter the psychology of modern people or the heart of the elderly in modern society. Their skits are true to their hearts, and viewers are also reflecting on how to get along with lovers and families, which is also the special feature of language programs.Two positive themes, pay tribute to TA as last year’s “mother” theme of the program continued, this year there is a “mother’s girlage” photo solicitation, also received more responses, actively posted on the Internet photos of mothers when they were young.Songs new in the theme content, thanks to Yin “alishan girl”, and “little I”, “kara ok forever”, after 4 people sing “mother’s kiss”, in the field is presented during the screen sharing mothers of young photos, young pop songs sung mothers, sang sang wishes for mothers,Let’s wish all mothers a happier life.Finally in the theme of “youth is used to struggle” content, brought in from all walks of life work, including the heroic resistance veterans jian-feng li, national poverty crucial role models wudixt, Chinese youth May 4th medal winner hubei enshi Yuan Hui, astronomical satellite wu empty number of teachers in rural researchers regularly into the ascension, a new wonder drug researcher Li Mingqian, they in all walks of life,To make their own brilliant, their appearance is also in line with the Slogan of the Spring Festival Gala “youth is used to struggle”, and struggle can bring infinite wonderful.In recent years, in all kinds of stages of Jiangsu SATELLITE TV, the constantly upgraded virtual projection technology has been well received.This time, XR projection technology was used many times in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, which brought a better sense of experience.In all kinds of Spring Festival gala, traditional drama culture is an indispensable type of program, and this time Jiangsu SATELLITE TV will combine opera performance with XR technology, and the four selected sections of Huangmei Opera, Kunqu Opera, Shaoxing Opera and Peking Opera, when the opera singers sing, the background is also switched to virtual pictures related to the theme.Such innovations make opera programs more attractive to young audiences and promote the development of traditional culture with new technologies.The same technology has also been applied to other stages, such as lai meiyun and jiangsu TV 2060’s popular virtual V-life character TV chicken, bringing a stage performance that visually looks like the two are actually on the same stage. The visual presentation is very realistic.After watching this year’s Jiangsu SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala, which program left you a deep impression?The first day of the New Year is over, and the New Year is just beginning. What are your expectations for the New Year?I hope all your wishes will come true!