| annual festival customs in fifth, to meet the god of wealth

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Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, commonly known as “Po Wu”, the so-called shabby New Year’s life officially began today. “Po Wu” is the meaning of sending off the New Year.From the New Year’s Eve to the fifth period there are many rules and taboos need people to comply with the fifth day of these taboos can be broken so there is a “break five” said the fifth day of the first month our folk have “receive the god of wealth to send the poor God” customs to break the old embarrassment ushered in a new better lifeAccording to folklore, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the God of wealth. In order to welcome the god of wealth, people will prepare a sumptuous banquet for the sheep’s head carp on the fourth nightYear after year, the fifth day of the early morning garbage out “send the poor” whether “receive the god of wealth” or “send the god of poverty” are placed on people’s expectations for a happy life and a better tomorrow. The fifth day of the first month this folk custom is to eat dumplings in some places to wrap money, jujube sugar and other implied meaning rich and good luck early sweet and beautifulAccording to folk customs, the fifth day not only pray for the New Year’s new atmosphere, but also welcome the opening of the city. In such a festive day, the start of the New Year’s work and study will of course go well. While there are still two days left in the holiday, it is time to comb my thoughts and make a plan for the whole yearChina’s short track speed skating team will try to win the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the mixed team relay event on Sunday.From Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, CCTV Finance, People’s Daily website design and production/call and proofread/Guo Xiaohui review/Yun Yun Fu Bai Xiaodong