Jinghong Health Bureau of Xishuangbanna Prefecture recruitment of public welfare staff in 2022 announcement

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Because the work needs, now face the society to recruit public welfare post personnel 3.The details are as follows: 1. Recruitment positions: 3 public welfare positions in Jinghong Municipal Health Bureau (no professional limitation).(1) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love health and health undertakings, have the spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, and obey the management and arrangement of the unit.(2) Having good moral sentiments, good health, honesty and trustworthiness, devotion to work and dedication, and no illegal or criminal record.Requirements for public welfare posts: aged 35 and below, male or female, urban household registration in Xishuangbanna Prefecture.Have unemployment registration certificate, and unemployment certificate time reached one year or more (among them, college graduates unemployment registration for more than 6 months is also eligible).(4) College degree or above, document writing ability and computer operation skills, organization, coordination and communication skills.Secretarial and office working experience is preferred.Wages and benefits Wages and benefits shall be implemented in accordance with 3,000 yuan per month (including the five insurances paid by individuals) for public welfare posts as stipulated in the documents of Jinghong Municipal People’s Government.Iv. The employment contract shall be uniformly signed by the Municipal Health Bureau. In case of violation of rules or discipline or irresponsible working attitude, the bureau has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.(1) The required materials for registration: id card, household registration booklet, unemployment card, resume, graduation certificate and relevant credit certificate original and copy.(2) Registration place: Personnel Science and Education Unit, 3rd Floor, Jinghong Health Bureau (No. 5 galan South Road, Jinghong City, opposite Zhou Hospital) (3) Registration Time: February 10, 2022 — February 28, 2022 Contact person and Phone number: Yang Min 0691-2126705 VI. The municipal Health and Education Bureau shall be responsible for the explanation of the unmentioned matters.Jinghong Municipal Health Bureau February 9, 2022