More than 170 thousand pounds of false wheat planted why rampant countryside?

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More than 170,000 jin of wheat varieties without production date, manufacturer name or national approval number have been checked in the special rectification campaign of crop seed market in Anhui, a major grain producing province, since September 2021.”Three no” false seeds is how to “slip” into the market?According to the provisions of article 49 of the Seed Law of the People’s Republic of China, the type and variety of seeds are inconsistent with the content marked on the label or there is no label, belong to false seeds.Chen Jianhua, a third-level researcher at the seed industry management Office of anhui Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that since the “three wu” wheat seeds have no labels, once found, they can be identified as fake seeds, and all localities should crack down on them.32 cases involving suzhou, Bozhou, Bengbu, Fuyang and other cities have been registered.Half Month talk reporter recently learned from the agricultural and Rural Department of Anhui Province interview, this is the office since September 2021 in the province to carry out crop seed market special rectification action phased results.”There are three types of wheat seeds in this investigation: seeds illegally operated by distributors, seeds illegally produced and sold by reproductive enterprises, and seeds sold by means of circulation.”Anhui Agriculture and rural department related person in charge said, among them, distributors illegally operating seed cases accounted for more than half of the total registered.Some distributors are selling unlabeled seeds or second-generation seeds purchased privately.In September 2021, half month talk reporters in an agricultural market in northern Anhui visit found that some agricultural stores placed “three without” wheat seeds, dealers said that each kilogram lower than the market price of 0.8 yuan.The market is one of the important sources of wheat varieties in the investigation of “three no-nos” in Anhui Province.”When we investigated the ‘three Wu’ wheat varieties, we also found that some of the breeding companies had secretly put the breeding seeds into the market without the consent of their clients.”Anhui Agricultural and rural department related person in charge said, in addition, there are illegal elements to take the way of wandering, going from village to village to sell “no label” seeds.The whole chain supervision deposit worries grassroots seed industry management department cadres told half month talk reporters, behind the rampant fake seeds in the countryside, highlighting the law enforcement supervision problems, especially the whole chain, the whole process of supervision deposit worries.– It is difficult to investigate and collect evidence.The basic level cadre introduces, the lawless element uses the vehicle flow channeling crime, the fluidity is strong, does not have the fixed place, does not have the invoice, does not have the contact way.Transactions usually adopt point-to-point sales or acquaintance introduction, directly send seeds to farmers’ homes, cash transactions, to the investigation and evidence collection work brought great difficulties.– Cross-border supervision is difficult.Criminals exploit loopholes in areas with weak supervision, selling fake seeds in interprovincial and intercity border areas, especially in remote rural areas, where it is difficult to find and investigate.– Identification of difficult implementation.Different departments of fake seed identification methods and processes are not the same, confusing grass-roots supervision and law enforcement personnel.At present, there are differences in the understanding and implementation standards of Article 49 of China’s Seed Law between grassroots administrative departments and case-handling units.Public security department in such cases false seed identification needs confirmation of authenticity, appraisal results is a necessary condition for case qualitative, namely the authenticity of the seeds, quality identification, caused a loss of causality, and the administrative department of agriculture think according to article 49 of law in our country, there is no label is fake seeds, the seeds of don’t need to seed sample identification.How to establish long-term supervision mechanism for “Li Ghost” seeds into “street rats”?In some grass-roots seed industry management department cadres, the top priority is to unify appraisal standards, strengthen law enforcement linkage, form a powerful deterrent.The state should strengthen top-level design, coordinate with agricultural and rural departments, public security departments and other departments to clarify the understanding and implementation standards of relevant laws and provisions, unify appraisal standards, and investigate and prosecute cases of fake and inferior seeds with strict speed.At the same time, grassroots officials called on public security departments to strengthen coordination in case consultation, appraisal and testing, and the application of the law, to clarify the scale of handling cases, unify the standard of evidence, and form a combined force of punishment.Departments at all levels should supervise and enforce the law according to the whole chain supervision thinking.Zhao Wanping, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC), said authorities should urge local governments to match strong supervision forces, focus on areas with weak supervision, and crack down on illegal activities such as the production and sale of fake and substandard seeds.Source: “China comment” 2022 China comment reporter: Jiang Gang zn | editor: good coordinating editor: sun Guo Yanhui proofreading: Qin Dai new