Steve Nash: You guys are jealous of what I’ve done with the Nets. I coach at the same level as Kerr

2022-06-08 0 By

There’s been a lot of talk about harden wanting to leave the Nets, especially after the loss to the Sacramento Kings, where harden was passive throughout the game, lackluster on offense, postmorbid on defense, and desperate for change after a six-game losing streak, with coach Steve Nash being cited as the first poison.Harden didn’t want to play well because of his poor coaching, and he addressed that issue today.First when it comes to talking about the nets what to make a change to return to normal levels, Nash said, “I like the bad situation now, because I have the ability to deal with the complicated situation, I like to challenge, can I have now is my career and achievements on ability, now I will once again prove that he can be successful, we recently encountered a six-game losing streak,But that doesn’t mean we’re not playing well. We’re playing very well.”Then when it comes to the outside world are questioning his ability, Nash said, “I like the way they like to jealous of me, in fact you are jealous of me in the nets’s achievements, I like the challenge of people my coaching and cole, when warriors at that time, I made a lot of work behind the scenes,I’ve taught a lot of guys the way they play on the court, and I’m glad they can use it on the court.”For Nash’s speech, many fans have said they have never seen such shameless people, Nash is as high as $9.6 million in the nets annual salary now cole is higher than the warriors, ranked fourth among the coach in the league, but you say his actual ability really like cole is somewhat exaggerated, on and after durant relationship of host,Now Nash really thinks he got there on merit.