The Canadian Winter Olympics team wrote a letter of thanks to the Chinese staff: “They have built a deep friendship like family.

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With the opening of the Winter Olympics, athletes from all over the world have begun to show their prowess on the sports field.Outside the games, these international friends also feel the warmth of their own homes all the time. In order to express their gratitude to the Chinese Winter Olympics staff, the operation staff of The Canadian Olympic Team wrote a letter of thanks to express their gratitude for participating in the Winter Olympics in China.Please accept this letter as a way of expressing our appreciation for your work and for your support of Team Canada’s athletes and staff in their pursuit of excellence at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.We appreciate your and your team’s persistent efforts to help us find a quick solution.You have been very responsive to any requests we have and have made our process smoother.You are both very kind and full of joy.When you are in the same working environment as our team, the response is very quick and always warm.You are so professional that we feel at home.We understand that you came to help us during the Chinese New Year away from your families, and we understand how hard you worked this year to work with us.We are very grateful for that and happy to experience your holidays and traditions with you.You make us feel like family and we are happy to have developed a deep friendship with you.Thank you for your great work and cooperation and we can’t wait to work with you throughout the Games.I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you.Sincerely, Peggy Grambwasami Shirley Salar Kilgowski Canadian team operations staff