The audience size of the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala exceeds 1.296 billion!Fusion communication set many records

2022-06-08 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point reporter Li Rui On January 31, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the China Media Group met the audience as scheduled at 8 o ‘clock on the New Year’s Eve, presenting a rich cultural feast.This year’s Spring Festival gala with “chun song on the new journey, years of China’s ode to joy” as purpose, strive to small incision, focusing on the founding in one hundred, rural revitalization, ecological civilization, the games event, China’s space and other major themes, depicting the grand picture of new era on the new journey, in a happy and warm atmosphere build a reunion, reunion, strong festival atmosphere of unity.According to the report, the central radio and television reception desk “2022 Spring Festival gala” refresh the record number of viewers, during the live broadcast, through television, Internet, social media, such as terminal multi-channel, audience total scale of 1.296 billion, the national television channel weaver total rating was 22.01%, and the new media on the touch up to 7.133 billion m, are higher than last year’s level.On New Year’s Eve, more than 650 media outlets in more than 170 countries and regions around the world broadcast live coverage of the gala.In addition, 200 million viewers watched the gala on vertical screens for the first time, with more than 50 percent of those under 30 years old receiving 360 million likes.Overseas, from the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, the united Arab emirates (uae), Singapore, South Africa and so on more than 170 countries and regions, more than 600 media reported to live and Spring Festival gala, watch Spring Festival gala broadcast by CNTV and CGTN overseas social matrix overseas audience people more than 35.24 million times,Nearly 16.58 million more than last year.