Why did Mammy Chang, when she first saw Niang Jumanniang, conclude that she was no good and hated her so much

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“Know not” in chang Ma Ma and Zhu Manniang, is two very distinct role, one is very popular, another is hated teeth itch, Zhu Manniang is Gu Tingye’s outer room, gave birth to the chang Brother and rong Sister, and often mammy is Gu Tingye’s birth mother Bai’s doyen, is also Gu Tingye’s nurse.Mammy often in the play, Gu Tingye outside travel, met Zhu Man niang, two people together, soon gave birth to a child, Gu Tingye Zhu Man niang things are very heavy, like the eyeball is general, he is very hope to Zhu Man niang back to a birthright, but NingYuanHou house fit absolutely impossible Zhu Man niang such, therefore Gu Tingye have to bring it back to their outside Hou Fu residence.Mammy often went to Tokyo city to take care of Gu Tingye’s life, Gu Tingye will Zhu Manniang back home, although before Gu Tingye told mammy this thing, but see Zhu Manniang arrival, often more loathing mammy, assert zhu Manniang is not a good thing.After this, often mammy to Zhu Manniang without any good face, no matter how Zhu Manniang disguise, can not change often mammy for her view, and she is more mannery, often mammy is more hate her, but unfortunately Gu Tingye always can not see clearly Zhu Manniang face, don’t listen to often mammy advice, almost caused disaster.Why did Mammy Chang get so bored when she first saw Mammy Chu? She knew she was no good.First, Zhu Manniang two children Gu Tingye is to go to white Deer cave college to study, met Zhu Manniang, but before and after the sum is not long, Gu Tingye first will Zhu Manniang and two children brought back, saw the running-jumping Rong Sister and has been able to talk chang Ge, immediately reacted.According to the time and the age of the two children, the two children are in Gu Tingye met Zhu Manniang did not have long after, extremely hasty, it is clear that Zhu Manniang is intentional, and is with a purpose close to Gu Tingye, two people are absolutely not what emotion is difficult to restrain, so some children.No matter the two children in the end is gu Tingye’s blood, but Gu Tingye is very fond of the two children, that is to say, Zhu Manniang is absolutely made to let Gu Tingye believe the move, so calculating, and how is a woman of the serious family.Zhu Man niang second, hid GouLan Zhu Man pies Zhu Man niang niang was originally a player drifter, accustomed to them that will please show off for the first time to see mother, often Zhu Man niang though dressed in plain and neat, is actually extremely frivolous, embroidered with gold thread on the belt, the collar is very low, a pure white lining is a thin silk yarn, can vaguely see the inside of the shape of the curve.Some things, after doing used to how to disguise, is also disguised not to come out, just like the play Lady Wang said: “the original fox time, also need talent.”Once you’re used to frivolity, you can’t hide that kind of temperament.Chang Ma ma is a human character, what kind of woman zhu Manniang in the end, she is really at a glance can see clearly, simply can’t deceive her, serious people’s woman, the body really don’t have zhu Manniang that kind of feeling.Gu Tingye “outside my room tender cannot provide for oneself” third, with weak’ve coercion Zhu Man niang met often mammy, took out her cake, was often mother is sewing, she asked all don’t ask, don’t directly put the cake box on the table in a prominent position, and then sewing box to squeeze into one side, it is very disrespectful behavior,After that, Mammy Chang continued to look cold, and Niang Jumanang fell to her knees and began to swear.It seems to Gu Tingye Zhu Man niang was poor, weak but her tips don’t bluff mammy often, the ancients to pledge is extremely important, but that had never swear by itself, but never Zhu Man niang, visible also is not a god in the eyes, but also say mammy often deny her, if she has been on my knees.It seems that Zhu Manniang is poor, in fact, she is completely in moral kidnapping, often the threat of mammy, and Gu Tingye was also coaed by her a leng leng, these make often reverend mother more hate Zhu Manniang.Zhu Manniang Gu Tingye lost his mother as a child, is often mammy this nursing mother looked after grew up, feelings are very deep, often mammy will be the little master as his own son in general, for any harm, the use of Gu Tingye people, often mammy is impossible to have what good face.While for Gu Tingye Zhu Man niang, from beginning to end is full of deception and use, so often very hate her mammy, mammy often initially just thought Zhu Man niang take a fancy to the identity of the marquis childe Gu Tingye, thinking about how to live a good, after never thought her more too vicious, design wants to enter the Hou Fu, ran over to a surname mansion noisy, all these things let mammy often completely annoyed her.If Zhu Man niang laptop component honestly, can do Gu Tingye outside the room is very good, but she just want more, not only thinking of becoming serious Hou Fu lady, thinking of the Gu Tingye knead in hand, eventually hurt yourself, and mammy from beginning to end is very clear that, Zhu Man niang didn’t hurt Gu Tingye, also thanks to the mother.Tear at aunt Kang’s mother