Xiyu Ancient Street (Black Rock)

2022-06-08 0 By

The black Rock reef opened a new western style ancient street.Many people don’t know how to get there, so LET me tell you.It’s on the side of black Rock Lagoon.See the red leaves near Japanese cuisine, there is a big red signs, style ancient street in the red signs across the road.After crossing the street, there will be a Morning Xitian Street and Beke You Market.From the road, inside the White House.Into the style of the ancient street, which is a mix of tropical yulin wind and Xizang wind.It’s very popular during Spring Festival.The air is everywhere.Up there is a strong westerly wind.The warp wheel connects to the Black Rock Reef Subway station.It was covered with colored lights.I bought an order of fried tripe and it cost 20 yuan.I have never tasted real fried tripe, so it is difficult to evaluate whether it is good or not.Look at that. It’s getting pretty popular.The picture below is the supermarket inside.There is a pear soup seller, spent 13 yuan to buy a cup of pear soup.Stinky tofu, also did not eat much, is fried tofu, coated with sauce.Shao PI, it’s a Sichuan specialty, and the fried chicken in it is delicious.Hada was also sent during the Spring Festival.After coming out, it was interesting to see a shop couplet.Here it is!