Curry is cold, Klay has 16 points!James made 1 of 10 shots in the final quarter as the lakers lost to the Warriors

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Zijin corps for the Los Angeles lakers fans this season is undoubtedly the most disappointed team, in the former 56 regular-season home-country crowd, their record is only 26-30 negative, in the western conference championship in ninth, not only completely let fans can’t see the impact championship hopes, even make the playoffs the face the embarrassment of the end, the team at the trade deadline,The failure to make any roster changes has left many fans with little hope for the lakers this season.Encountered during the regular season, the lakers ranked second in the table of warriors, which despite record than zijin corps, but recent condition is not good encountered two defeats, was the top of the SUNS will lead to 4.5 games, two ailing team must have the hope to win victory stopped, open after the game, the two sides also played abnormal anxiety,The Warriors took a one-point lead in the first three quarters, but klay Thompson took over and James went on a run to beat the Lakers 117-115, handing them their third straight loss.The main reason for the lakers’ poor record this season is that the big three of lebron James, Anthony Davis and Westbrook don’t have the right chemistry on the court, and their inability to play at the same time leaves the Purple and Gold to chance.Long considered one of the team’s most stable players, Bryant struggled inside against a warriors team without Draymond Green, making just five of 13 shots and finishing with 16 points, seven rebounds, four assists and three blocks.Has been regarded as the lakers back pan man less, in the average game personal performance, 13 shots hit seven goals, including two 1’s 3-pointer, scored 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists, but also control the much-maligned error good appears only once, three ten-day man lebron James is the best performance of the big three,One scored 26 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists a quasi three pairs of data, but he still want to lose a lot of responsibility, details of decisive battle, James up ten times to hit a ball, will have, and the last minute in the three free throws to equaliser, James has hit the first confiscated,Lakers miss equalizer!As is known to all, the warriors of technology and tactics of the core is the garage, the stand or fall of his state directly determines the performance of the team, recently suffered defeats the warriors, is largely a garage can not find back to feeling at the beginning of the season, the match of three break up feeling cold, god eight shots hit only 1 ball, scored 24 points, 5 rebounds and eight assists,That’s why the Warriors are playing so hard.Small battle in the team feels bad circumstances, Mr Thompson own knee-deep the team forward, single section one scored 16 points, the match hits 5 three points scored a team-high 33 points, soup inglewood let warriors of god will be the outcome of suspense to keep at the last minute, but for the first time this season all-star starter wiggins,Wiggins finished with 19 points and five rebounds as he stepped up in the clutch, hitting a 3-pointer over James, who is in his thirties.It was important for the Warriors to win the game to stop their losing streak, but Klay Thompson’s performance in the final quarter made fans happy, believing that if the Splash brothers get back to their best form, the Warriors will have a championship hope.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the blossom on sports