Luntai County: Love big hands holding small hands times warm Lantern Festival

2022-06-09 0 By

Volunteers and children from poor families welcome the arrival of the Lantern Festival in Saiybage village of Cdaya Township, Luntai County, Feb. 12, 2019. They talked about the origin of the Lantern Festival, tasted glutinous rice balls and solved lantern riddles.Ce jedaiah township arrange voluntary service during the Spring Festival, through the love volunteering to jurisdiction part families children bring the joy of reunion and the warmth of family, with children in the process of continuously carry forward the publicity of Chinese traditional culture, cast a prison community consciousness, the Chinese nation excellent traditional culture and gratitude seeding in the child’s heart.In the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, we will continue to deepen the influence and inheritance of traditional Chinese culture. In this activity, we will move the yuanxiao food tangyuan and the fun activities of guessing lantern riddles into the farm yard, so that the excellent cultural participation is higher and the appeal is stronger.Adili Abriti said: “today is very happy, the uncle and aunt accompany me to the Lantern Festival, sweet glutinous glutinous dumplings, also took us to participate in the fun of guessing riddles, DID not expect the riddle on the color card is so interesting, he also got a small prize.”Tsunay Tohoti, publicity committee member of Cdaya Township, said: “Before the Lantern Festival, we will hold a volunteer service activity to care for children from poor families and cultivate their gratitude.In the process of volunteer service, adults and children in the district are mobilized to participate in traditional customs and taste traditional food activities, and constantly nourish people with excellent traditional culture.”(Xu Huilong)