The old routine “covetous”, the New Year will you fall for it?

2022-06-09 0 By

Gold tiger to send blessing auspicious tiger fortune when you are holding New Year’s money, year-end bonus when the outlaw elements are facing your wallet “covetous” to do the New Year “kill pig vegetables” New Year at home playing games pop up from time to time “CPDD” dating information (someone place object?If you want to meet someone, please contact me!Let a person itching chat a few words to speculative ~ then falling the net love of love ~ when you love the sweet tossing and turning for the net when you wallet for love became thinner you are likely to have been “the net love fraud” hold up the police prompt net to risky “transfer” shall be cautious in the coming “love” don’t be carried away by the surge of sugar-coated cannonball cool judgmentCalm analysis of each other again and again unreasonable financial requirements Ta love is not you but your wallet smart eye fraud, start from me!Source: Langfang Public Security