The woman learned that the lottery won a million awards, haircut to half rushed out of the shop

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(Anhofer was delighted to win $1 million in the 649 lottery.BCLC Photo) A British Columbia woman was so shocked to learn she had won the lottery that she rushed out of the barbershop with her hair cut unfinished.Kimberly Anhofer was getting a haircut when she learned she had won $1 million in the December 1, 649 lottery.”I pulled out the ticket and surprised myself,” she recalled. “Then I told the barber I had to leave immediately, so my hair was never done that day.”Anhofer was the first to tell his daughter.”My daughter and I went back and forth 12 times,” she said.The daughter checked and said, “No way. Are you serious?”I answered her, it is true!She was like, this is really great.”Anhofer bought the winning ticket at the Town Pantry convenience store on Lougheed Hwy.She celebrated by treating herself and her friends to champagne and steak, and planned to spend the winnings on an electric car and a holiday.Anhofer said the prize was the best encouragement she could get for her efforts to start and expand her business.(China)