Why was Hitler losing ground on the eastern front when he had millions of reserve armies to supplement his strength?

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At the end of world War II, Hitler was defeated on the eastern front, but Germany still had a huge reserve force. Where did the huge rear military personnel come from?Historians have found that 680,000 wounded and sick from the Soviet-German war were in reserve hospitals in Germany.In other words, they replaced the German reserve forces, as studied by The Israeli historian Martin Kriefeld, who put the average time of absence for wounded soldiers in the Wehrmacht at around 100 days.By careful calculations, he came up with a total of more than 2.3 million wounded and sick men sent to hospitals on the Eastern front in 1943, not including professional soldiers who volunteered to stay in their units and fight to the end.According to the number of casualties reported in 1943, Germany counted just over a million.Visible German statistical department of shrinkage is really very fierce!For comparison, another reference number: in March 1944, the Red Army had just over 700, 000 hospital paramedics, according to historical documents glantz collected.The supplementary and training units of Hitler’s so-called Reserve Army numbered 1.5 million!If there were so many reserve military personnel, how could it still not fill the hundreds of thousands of army vacancies on the eastern front?It can only prove once again that German casualties are very serious, I am afraid it is also the reason why the German training time on the battlefield is too long.The historian Martin Kriefeld, speaking about the effectiveness of The German army, also mentioned the basic principle that after the German wounded had recovered, they had to undergo a period of survival training before returning to their original units.Although these trainings helped to maintain survivability and maintain the quality of combat, German rigor led to excessive adherence to such principles in the later supplementary difficult historical situations, which also often backfired.