Bytedance exits data collaboration platform Chengdu Heipa Cloud shareholder

2022-06-10 0 By

Chengdu black palmer cloud information technology co., LTD., industrial and commercial change that the total surplus technology partnership, the original shareholders wuhan Wu Hanmao tong technology partnership, hangzhou YunZhuo investment partnerships, bytes to beat subsidiary Beijing early quantum dance technology co., LTD., guangzhou is the heart of the equity investment partnership, phase ii of hangzhou YunZhuo investment partnership,Registered capital fell to 2.854,409 million yuan from 4.868,858 million yuan.Chengdu Heipa Cloud Was founded in April 2019, and its legal representative is Chen Jinzhou. It is A data collaboration management platform and has won A round of A financing of tens of millions of yuan led by ByteDance.At present, the company has 3 shareholders, the largest shareholder is Chen Jinzhou, holding 56.44643%, and the shareholders also include Wuhan Maotong Technology Partnership.