Dream Westward Journey: How to play dream very easily?

2022-06-10 0 By

How to play it easy?Do the following six things and you will feel very relaxed.Level 1: In the dream, the high level does brush more dream coins, but need to operate, play naturally tired.Levels 109 and 129 are relatively easy, 159 and 175 are more difficult.If you want to take it easy, go low.Two: the combination of school for fixed injury, law, physics department.French play easy, especially blue, meditation if full, Saturday bell can be hung for 2 hours, nothing to care.And fixed injury, blue is less, after a period of time need to add blue, this is more annoying.Physics department, blue is less, need to add blue, and need to operate.Therefore, the more law systems, the easier the operation.Three: learn to hang up can operate, it will not move two, can hang up, then do not go to manual.Manual saves more time than hanging up, but for the sake of relaxation, I don’t care about those two seconds.On the whole, it can be said that we should learn to hang up the whole process, not to manual.Four: do not care about efficiency mentality to adjust, we are to play the game, with the brush w, playing is easy, playing is comfortable.Hang up more, the efficiency is naturally low, the natural play is easy.Five: this is very important to play easily, it needs more W, with more W naturally easy task.Some players do not w, black chicken brush however, feng demon that is to serve the war, play can not tired, not a few days mentality collapsed.And some players, brush five star artifact can be pushed past by xumi, basically all tasks are one or two rounds, such a five open play really easy.Six: than w are easy to say the truth, as long as you play, that will be tired, that is not easy, directly off line, and then go out to play basketball, this is certainly easy, and there is no way to exceed him.