How about the reputation of Baojun RC-5?The car owner appraises high, after the car is full of surprise

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In the domestic car market, Baojun RC-5 in the same level of models, has always had a very good reputation.The official guide price of 59,800 to 109,800, 100,000 or so can be a sedan car, for most consumption is still very cost-effective.Xiao Liu is one of the owners of Baojun RC-5. For Xiao Liu, who has a dream of running, Baojun RC-5 is a car that dreams into reality.I believe that there must be many young people like Liu — some time after graduation, with some savings in hand, want to drive their favorite car.Although these people don’t have a particularly high budget for car purchases, their demand for cars is not random.Baojun RC-5 so the shape of the sport fashion, power configuration of all aspects of performance are very balanced models, it is very appropriate.The reason why Liu bought Baojun RC-5 is similar to what he said above. At that time, he chose the car without any strong purpose. Baojun RC-5 was purely because he felt that the appearance level was good and was moved to pay after a test drive.The shape of the RC-5 is really easy to impress the young audience. It’s hard not to like the star-studded grille on the front, the split headlights, the diamond logo, the stylish big hatchback design on the side, and the through-through light set on the rear.In terms of power, Baojun RC-5 has two configurations to choose from, which are 1.5L and 1.5T respectively. Xiao Liu chooses 1.5T CVT smart Yao Enjoying model. He thinks he still hopes the car will have stronger power and better driving sense.The 1.5-ton engine has a peak torque of 250 N · m, which is enough power parameters for everyday use, and you can feel some back push when you press the accelerator.Coupled with a matching analog 8-speed CVT transmission, the shift is smooth and almost without any setbacks.In addition, due to the CVT gearbox’s economic control of fuel consumption is also better, Xiao Liu’s car fuel consumption is basically no more than 7. If you open high-speed and long-distance more cases, sometimes the fuel consumption is only 6.3.Liu is satisfied with the power and fuel consumption.Baojun RC-5 is rare in the same price, the whole system standard with intelligent car.This is very important for Liu, especially for the Internet of vehicles, which supports wake-free voice interaction. The technology experience is great when using it. The mobile phone can control the vehicle remotely, unlock the car in advance, and turn on the air conditioner.There are intelligent driving assistance, 360° panoramic image, ACC adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance and other functions.When driving at high speed, Xiao Liu will start ACC adaptive cruise, which can easily follow the car in front and stop at the speed range of 0-150km/h. It is intelligent and safe, and can also relieve the fatigue of driving for a long time.From the owner’s point of view to evaluate baojun RC-5, Xiao Liu thinks the score is very high, the price is not too expensive, suitable for young people like himself, appearance level, power, intelligence are excellent performance.The event will run from March 13, 2022 to March 31, 2022