Qing Wei wang Bing: Love is Qinghai Lake

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Qinghai Lake by Wang Bing Qinghai Lake is said to be the last drop of god’s tears on earth.Read a lot of words about Qinghai Lake, triggered my yearning for Qinghai Lake, has been lying in my vision.The daughter took an examination that year, finally had a reason to leave Qinghai Lake.My daughter and I followed the tour group to Qinghai Lake and continued to climb westward from Xining, passing by Riyue Mountain.It is said that when Princess Wencheng of tang Dynasty entered Tibet, she stayed at Riyue Mountain and left a legend.The car went here, the altitude has been 3500 meters, the ear suddenly had a paroxic deafness feeling, as if the sound came from a distant place accompanied by rumbling.Dark blue clouds covered the sky, the plateau road on both sides of the mountain green trees miscellaneous, almost no one, roadside occasionally flash Tibetan houses, colorful prayer flags let solemn heaven and earth have a bright color.Since passing the sun and moon mountain, you feel another world, it makes you become quiet and religious, even the air is filled with solemn atmosphere, people dare not speak loudly.At this moment, I suddenly understand li Bai that poem: “dangerous building 100 feet high, hand can pick the stars.Dare not speak loudly, for fear of startling people.”A hundred feet tall building is still so, let alone the roof of the world?Keeping quiet is a sign of respect for the Tibetan Plateau.Beyond the Sun and moon Mountain, the surrounding area opens up for a panoramic view.Here has been completely different from the scenery of Xining, as if time left us the last piece of uncarved land, like a piece of unpolished jade lying there, silent.As we walked through its hinterland, we felt a sudden sense of guilt that something burning gasoline was not meant to be here, a slow-moving oxcart, so as not to disturb its quiet life.Plateau has such flat land, a golden rape flowers appear in front of us.It was July, and the rapeseed flowers on the plain had already gone to seed, but here they were just right.True as Bai Juyi poem said: “The world in April fangfei, temple peach blossom in full bloom.”As far as we can see, the sea of golden flowers stretches to the sky, and some people stop to stroll among them.As we drove on, a dark blue came into view.The daughter cried out: “Mother, Qinghai Lake!”Yes, with more people along the road, more prayer flags and yaks coming into view, qinghai Lake is right in front of us.Ah!Qinghai Lake, I finally stand in front of you.The lake is as boundless as the sea.The sky is still cloudy, clouds seem to pressure on the water, the lake is dark blue.Overlooking the boundless blue water, and clouds rolling sky, the whole sky is dark down.My daughter seemed to sense the creepiness, telling me it was like harry Potter’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.You could see the clouds in the sky changing from moment to moment, piling up thick clouds, rolling one layer after another, as if there was a devil in black in the clouds.Seeing this scene, one has more or less palpitations.Someone nearby said that the weather of Qinghai Lake is changeable and changeable.As he said this, the dark clouds came through the golden rim and the sun came out.As the sun beat down on the plateau, the vast lake suddenly turned blue and crystal clear.That kind of blue temptation person’s eye, look far into the distance yibiwanqing, without misty rain hazy, everything is so transparent.Qinghai Lake, such a vast ocean is placed on the plateau of more than 3000 meters unexpectedly, it is the ocean of rape yellow all around, it is a phnom penh is inlaid in the sapphire on qinghai-Tibet plateau, there is no thriller again, only relaxed and happy.Qinghai Lake, a unique plateau lake!How many people are attracted to travel for her.Qinghai Lake is beautiful, but also lonely, she is surrounded by no people, only hagdon hovering over her, lonely Qinghai Lake is a paradise of unique souls.In the 1980s, the talented poet traveled to this place twice, looking for a resting place for his soul.Qinghai lake is the eyes of haizi “proud glass”, “princess” in qinghai province, the blue ocean waves is haizi from lonely feelings, for whom “the proud glass/lift/desolate plateau”, “a proud wine glass, qinghai princess/please held me in arms”, I seem to see the poet high holding his arms out loud chanting,”Blue princess/Let my lonely fingers turn into white birds in the sky!”The poet has gone, his “princess” is still silent in the plateau, the layers of rolling waves wave in the poet’s soul?Her daughter was already walking on the lake bank with her arms outstretched, her long hair floating in the air.She suggested riding a tandem bike and going part of the way around the lake.We underestimate Qinghai Lake, she can be stormy or calm at any time, but we can’t.After a while, my daughter and I were out of breath and seemed to have sandbags strapped to our legs. I suggested we stop and sit by the lake and watch her quietly.Looking at the lake like the sea, the wind blows from the water, the air has the taste of salt.The prayer flags in the distance flutter in the wind. Go west and keep going until you get there.This is not too far from the world-famous palace, even if you just look west, the sense of mystery will seize your breath, manic moments of silence, a sense of worship.My feelings about the palace are mixed, just like my feelings about Qinghai Lake.Qinghai Lake is beautiful and brings life to the desolate plateau. It is a paradise for birds and people admire its magic and vastness.I appreciate the charm of Qinghai Lake, in fact, more dream around the soul led me is looking for a person’s footprints.The person I was looking for was recorded in the Draft of Qing History as follows: “When I went to Qinghai, I died. According to the customs, those who acted in a perverse way left their skeletons behind.”That man is the sixth Dalai Lama, Cangyang Gyatso, who is a legend in Tibet.He is the Holy One, the Buddha of believers, and he is the lover of the girl.”One day, when I closed my eyes in the incense mist of the temple, I suddenly heard the words of your sutra.That January, I shook all the prayer tubes, not for salvation, but just to touch your fingertips.”How affectionate poem, let the world how many men and women moved?If miss is a kind of good, he would rather miss reincarnation, short life, his most beautiful time is when the shepherd boy, not that high Buddha.He wanted to cannibal fireworks, because there is his care, octagonal street tavern hiding his secret, in the end was a snow betrayed his whereabouts.At that time, it is estimated that he really wanted to become a flying Buddha, fly out of his palace, back to the prairie he loved.But, no more, he was a kind and passionate man destined to become a political victim.In 1706, the last year he was seen, he was on his way to the capital.Stumbling all the way, he did not regret leaving the palace, only regret that he could not see the girl he loved.Qinghai Lake became his last motto.There are many wonders in the world. I have been searching qinghai Lake for traces of the legendary Dalai Lama.Hundreds of years later, the lake is still there, but what about him?I wonder if he was as shocked to see Qinghai Lake as I was?Was it possible that, standing by the lake, 24 years flashed through his mind, when he had an Epiphany and decided to leave his soul here forever?I don’t know what happened to him at that time, but there is a legend in the world — Cangyang Jiacuo mysteriously disappeared in Qinghai Lake.There was no sign of him on the way to escort the prisoners, and qinghai Lake became the place where he lost his love.I was lost in the waves of the lake, the blue water seemed so mysterious and flawless.Hundreds of years ago, that lonely soul, perhaps only the mysterious lake knows where he went?I stood by the lake, looked around, looked at the land for a long time, the love poem I could put here.The soul of the genius poet is here, and the figure shaking the prayer wheel should always be here.Spring snow at one o ‘clock