Shangcheng County has created an optimal business environment by “observing, listening, inquiring and cutting”

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“We did not expect the transformer to be installed so quickly. We no longer had to worry about a sudden power failure when frying tea, which really solved our urgent need.”On March 30th, Hu Anhai, the head of Xihe Tea Farm in Suxianshi Township, Shangcheng County, thanked the person responsible for baolian who came to visit the enterprise.Suxianshi township is one of the main producing areas of high mountain tea in this county. In the past few years, during the spring tea season, the local power failure always occurred due to the unstable voltage, which affected the normal production of tea enterprises.At the beginning of this year, after Hu Anhai reported to the responsible person of Baolian, the county optimization office timely coordinated with the county power supply company, combined with the electric tea project, and added a 400KW transformer at the location of the tea factory.Power supply is guaranteed, hu an Hai and dozens of local tea enterprises also eat a “reassuring”.In Shangcheng County, with a view to making investment and trade more convenient for enterprises, providing more efficient full-cycle services for project construction, and protecting the rights and interests of enterprises, the local government has actively explored the four methods of “inspecting, hearing, inquiring, and caring”, and made efforts to “link up”, “benefit”, and “assist” enterprises, in an effort to create an optimal business environment.”Hope” enterprise management, bow into the bureau.The county issued the shangcheng county package al department pays a return visit work plan of the enterprise, for the county of 5275 companies registered in market supervision bureau implements the party member cadre “one to one” package, clear bag responsible eight basic duty, business training, on the premise of not to disturb the normal production and operation actively into the enterprise visits, being a good enterprise “advocate, waiter, instructor”.So far, more than 12,000 enterprises have been visited, and more than 15,000 copies of publicity materials have been distributed to enterprises, such as huiqi policy manual, notification of enterprises’ response to demands, and guidelines for “Xinyidai” whitelist application.Listen to business needs and respond to concerns.At the beginning of the year, Hu Peigang, the secretary of the county Party Committee, presided over the promotion meeting of the favorable policies of Shangcheng County, which was attended by relevant departments and more than 160 enterprises, listening to the voice of entrepreneurs and introducing the policies and measures of the county party committee and the county government to optimize the business environment.At the same time, problem-oriented, we have organized and held 12 evaluation meetings on the optimization and improvement of indicators to respond to the concerns of enterprises, and strive to solve the problems of poor coordination and coordination between departments, as well as the need for county-level coordination, so as to smooth the coordination and cooperation between departments.”Ask” enterprise worries, solve problems.Establish the “One Code, one Window” enterprise appeal response platform, use “Internet +” to open a “two-dimensional code” for enterprises to appeal for business environment, and report problems to the optimization office in a timely manner through the “code to say”.We have set up special oversight Windows in the government service halls to monitor the conduct and discipline of the hall staff around the clock, and to accept reports and complaints from market entities as soon as possible, so that complaints and reports from the public can be handled at a close distance and without going anywhere, so as to improve both efficiency and public satisfaction.Up to now, has accepted all kinds of appeals 240, immediately responded to 50, telephone return visit business owners more than 120 times, handed over 95 related units, has been completed 84.”Cut” pain points blocking points, improve efficiency.The government affairs service hall was stationed with the integration of 1,899 items from 35 units, further promoted the “one-window acceptance” work, sorted out 27 high-frequency matters of government services, reproduced the matter handling process from the perspective of enterprises and the masses, and made government affairs service items situational and video.In the “go process” campaign, the “top leaders” of relevant units go into the government affairs service hall and make “scenariotype experience” through identity transformation. They find the “blocking points” and “pain points” of the business environment in an all-round way, conduct on-site consultation and issue “prescriptions”, and comprehensively improve the level of government services.In response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, China has vigorously implemented the contactless service model, such as online service, PDA service and appointment service, so that enterprises and the public can enjoy better quality and more efficient government services.Correspondent: Yang Xuwei, CAI Rui, Hu Aoyu