The first batch of affordable rental housing in Kunming will be available by the end of this year

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The General Office of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government recently issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Affordable rental Housing (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), which stipulates that it will further improve the housing security system and promote the construction of affordable rental housing.As vanguard when good the province’s economic and social development of the city of kunming, is to speed up the study and establish relevant supporting policies, a specific provisions for the development of affordable rental housing, the first affordable rental housing plan in December on the market supply, ensure qualified new citizens, young people, such as group “fearless”, stay in kunming, had a comfort.We will accelerate the raising and construction of low-income rental housing. Low-income rental housing will mainly help eligible new citizens and young people find it difficult to get housing for certain periods of time.The development of affordable rental housing is a major reform, a major livelihood project and a major transformation related to China’s future housing development.Last year, The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Low-income Rental Housing, calling for accelerating the development of low-income rental housing to help solve the prominent housing problems in big cities.40 kunming as the development of affordable rental housing in the city, one of the positive response national policy, put forward the development of affordable rental housing as the key work during the period of “difference”, plans to raise affordable rental housing about 60000 sets, and through multiple channels to raise the construction of affordable rental housing, to increase supply, to help new citizens, young people solve the problem of “housing difficult”,To help promote high-quality development of Kunming city.The bugle urges, the decision is the command.We must not be slow, wait, or delay. All levels and departments of Kunming city have been pushing forward quickly, facing up to the difficulties and expecting to break through the difficulties and make new achievements in the new round of development.In September last year, Kunming Housing Security Bureau issued a Notice on The Investigation of indemnificatory Rental Housing Demand in Kunming, comprehensively starting the investigation of indemnificatory rental housing demand in Kunming, to understand the general public’s demand for indemnificatory rental housing and find out their family background.Kunming hopes to give full play to the role of market mechanism through government policies, guide multi-subject investment and multi-channel supply, and substantially increase the housing supply of affordable rental housing.In addition to the policy guarantee, all relevant construction and operation enterprises in Kunming also acted quickly to accelerate the fund-raising of affordable rental housing.In this context, Kunming is actively exerting its efforts from policy to target and then to the supply side.In October last year, Kunming Public Rental Housing Corporation was listed as one of the first pilot enterprises in Yunnan province to develop affordable rental housing at the provincial level. Responding to the call, it asked the Kunming government for instructions and planned to raise 5,000 units of affordable rental housing in the market.”We hope to give full play to the role of state-owned enterprises in leading the development of affordable rental housing and ‘stabilizer’ and ‘ballast stone’ to help enrich the supply of affordable rental housing in Kunming.”Kunming public rental company related person in charge said.Last November, the first batch of affordable rental housing was quickly put in place by the Kunming Public Rental Housing Company.The project is located in The Pearl Square of Dianchi Lake, adjacent to the subway station, with convenient transportation and mature supporting facilities. It is planned to raise 1,532 houses through the market, and the house area is mainly small houses of less than 70 square meters.In January this year, The Yunnan Branch of China Construction Bank granted a credit of 2.82 billion yuan to Kunming Public Rental Housing Corporation, and issued the first housing rental purchase loan of 356 million yuan, which was used by the company to raise 1,532 units of affordable rental housing in the market.In the same month, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Kunming Public Rental Housing Corporation to systematically promote the development and construction of affordable rental housing.At the same time, Kunming Airdrop Urban Resources Development Co., Ltd. has also released the bidding announcement of the integrated design and construction of the decoration part of the construction project of “Airport Yunding Square” and “Airport Times Center” affordable rental housing, and will provide affordable rental housing in the later stage.Now, Kunming has gradually formed a joint force in supporting the construction of affordable rental housing.The total amount of target construction is in the forefront of all cities in the province, demonstrating the strategic responsibility of this big city.”When young people come to this city, they don’t just come to start their own businesses, they should also enjoy the good life in the city.”Relevant department head said.While accelerating the construction of affordable rental housing, Kunming city is also upgrading its public rental housing management services.Since last October, kunming public housing company ZeHui garden, wu qing HuiYuan, green HuiYuan, jas HuiYuan, zijun HuiYuan, five village site renovation and equipment installation, plans to install intelligent charging equipment 400 sets, smart 27 sets, non-motor vehicle driveways gate non-motor vehicles keep standing 19, with a total area of about 14080 square meters,Set up 5,118 parking Spaces.This year, non-motor vehicle storage stations in shenghuiyuan, Yihuiyuan, Puhuiyuan and Jihuiyuan will be transformed intelligently.These are just the epitome of kunming’s continuous upgrading of public rental housing management and services.In recent years, with the increased number of public housing district check-in and check-in time increasing, the part of the community facilities showed signs of aging, therefore, kunming public housing company launched the “refresh project”, the public lighting systems, a non-motor vehicle intelligent parking lot, new energy automobile charging facilities, face recognition systems, license plate recognition system upgrading, etc.Since the launch of the “smart access control” system for public rental housing, the supervision and management mode has changed from “civil air defense” to “civil air defense plus technical defense,” further improving the level of intelligent and informationized management of public rental housing communities, and the majority of public rental housing residents can “scan their faces” to enter.The elevator intelligent vehicle blocking system solves the problem of the management of the electric vehicle upstairs and protects the life and property safety of the residents.Non-motor vehicle storage stations are equipped with intelligent charging devices, greatly facilitating residents.Today, through the upgrading and upgrading of smart devices, smart management, smart services and other comprehensive smart systems, the ecological chain of accurate management and service of public rental housing is constantly integrating into residents’ daily life, and improving residents’ living experience and happiness.Source: Kunming Daily editor: Zhou Lu Review: Huang Siwei final review: Song Jianbo