Are housing prices rising in Chongqing?How much is the most expensive house price in chongqing?You know what?

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, many friends want to know whether the housing price in Chongqing will rise in 2021.Because there has long been a saying on the Internet that housing prices in Chongqing have not risen, and are not even as expensive as before, so you must wait before buying a house.So today, let’s take a look. In January 2022, how much is the most expensive housing price in each region of Chongqing’s main urban area?Chongqing real estate investment notes Chongqing real estate view 199 yuan to buy column 1, the most expensive real estate in Yuzhong district, the unit price of real estate has broken through 50,000 yuan.From the current chongqing property market in the sale of new houses in the project, yuzhong District, a total of 10, each price is not particularly cheap.The cheapest is Zhonghai Yuzhong Yunjin, which is a high-rise fine decoration project. The unit price of construction surface is 18,700 yuan at present.The most expensive is Caedraffles Square, which is of large flat floor and hardcover type, and the unit price of construction area has reached 50,000 yuan at present.And like chongqing center such big smooth layer essence decorates a project, its building area unit price is not cheap also, achieved 24,000 yuan.Guochao 18T large flat floor hardcover project, its housing price has also broken through, the construction area of 39,200 yuan.You look at these new housing projects, its unit price is actually not cheap, compared with last year, it must be more or less increased.Although the average price of second-hand houses in Yuzhong District is not expensive at present, it is probably maintained at 16,000 yuan, but the price of new houses has really gone up a lot.Second-hand housing is not expensive, because yuzhong District is very early development, most of the community are particularly old, even more than 30 years of building age in the community, its unit price is particularly low, the overall lower the average price.So it is very clear, if you focus your eyes on the property market in Chongqing, especially those old dilapidated buildings in Yuzhong District, then you will certainly feel that his house price did not rise, there is no change.So when you look at these great new homes again, you will really regret not buying, because it is more and more expensive, maybe it is more and more stressful to buy.2. In jiangbei District, the unit price of the most expensive house has exceeded 30,000 yuan.Compared with the yuzhong district, jiangbei district in the sale of new properties will be more, at present there are about two dozen properties in the sale.The most expensive of these developments are in Guanyinqiao block, Hong Kong Land Kai Yuan, high-rise projects and small high-rise projects.At present, its high-rise project floor area unit price reached 315 million yuan, small high-rise project floor area unit price reached 30,000 yuan, are not particularly cheap.On the whole, gangcheng Industrial Park and Yufu Industrial Park are the cheapest areas in Jiangbei District, where the unit price of real estate is not particularly expensive. For example, huarong Modern City is the cheapest, and the unit price of high-rise projects is only 9,500 yuan per building area.Then there are some commercial district houses, such as some high-rise houses near dashiba, a small business district, whose floor area unit price is basically around 19,400 yuan, close to 20,000 yuan on the road.So on the whole, in fact, whether just yuzhong District, or we are now jiangbei District, its housing prices are more expensive than last year.So sometimes when you go to see the changes in housing prices in Chongqing, you must go to see several buildings and make a comparison, so that you can get more real information.If you look less, and focus on some old second-hand houses, then you must feel that chongqing’s housing prices have not changed, wait to buy again can not.Summary: Yes, if you only look at yuzhong District and Jiangbei district, you will find that the housing price in Chongqing is indeed more expensive than last year, and the housing price has risen a lot.In fact, the same is true of other districts, such as Banan, Beibei, Shapingba, Jiulongpo and Nanan.These areas of the new house prices are actually up, but the size of the extent of it, for a lot of buying friends, and to pay more money to buy a house.Overall, housing prices in Chongqing are still rising, with an 11% increase in 2021 compared with 2022, according to the statistics Bureau.