“I apologize for affecting my children by taking photos

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On March 28, Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Liu Qiaoyan, Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news “Many Internet celebrities took naked back photos in the Red disk of hangzhou Olympic Games, You Bao mother worried about taking bad children, property:It’s a bit difficult to handle “(previously reported in the news), which went viral on the Internet and topped the list in China with two photos of a woman wearing yellow susers, someone cleaning her clothes and a woman kneeling on a plastic floor in a pink uniform.Interviewed by qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter, the two photos of the female network celebrity is the same person.Her name is Cheng Er, for his photo on the hot search for this thing, she surprised with sorry: sorry for disturbing behavior.She said she came to Hangzhou not long ago, starting this year to live in hangzhou Olympic Sports near the Changlong Pilot City community.She works as a car model, but this year has seen repeated outbreaks, so she can only stay at home to “take pictures of her daily life” and update her social media accounts.”I apologize for disturbing other property owners.”Cheng Er said.She said she did not notice any children playing nearby when taking the photo. “I wish I had been told not to take the photo by an unhappy owner,” she said.Faced with some comments on Weibo, she also wanted to say “sorry”.A car model apologizes for disturbing her child after Posting a photo of her in a neighborhood. “Did you know it was trending?”On the night of March 28, Cheng’s agent sent her a message.Cheng ‘er thought it was douyin hot search at first, because his account is occasionally popular.After being told is micro blog hot search, Cheng ‘er turned over, found the twentieth also did not find themselves, she asked again, just surprised to heat the first news, two were blurred photos are his photos taken a few days ago.Cheng er was a little shocked.Cheng er said that she lived in the changlong Pilot city community so far, took a few photos, but are on the news.Cheng felt a little helpless. In her opinion, the photos were not for commercial use but for sharing on her personal social media accounts.Cheng er feels a village to take photos of some trouble, choose to go downstairs in the village to take some daily photos of life, the main purpose is “oneself flatter oneself”.While explaining herself, Cheng showed off a dress similar to the one she wore in the photo shoot — a satin slip dress with two straps crossed at the back, exposing about half of her back.”I clearly remember that neither of the two times I took the photo, no one came to tell me not to take it.”Cheng recalled the details of her photo shoot.Some netizens commented that she used children as background boards. Cheng said that all the background of the photos of her yellow dress were trees, and no children were in the photos.The pink JK uniform (Japanese girls’ high school uniform) that set of clothes was shot in a corner of the parent-child square in the community, and the pose was just to let the photographer take the background of the plastic ground from a overlooking Angle, without any other implication.According to Cheng’s assistant and photographer, both photos took less than an hour.That set of pink JK uniform modeling after filming, Cheng er directly wearing that set of clothes and assistant incidentally in the parent-child square played badminton for a while.”Honestly, I was lucky when I saw on the news that it was a mom who took the photo.I would feel uncomfortable if some stranger took pictures of my indecent moments.”Cheng said she hopes neighbors can understand each other and live in harmony.There are not many open places in the Changlong Pilot City community. In addition to the parent-child plaza and pavilions, there are winding paths and large green belts between each unit building.Cheng often skips rope in the parent-child square, which is a good way for her to keep fit during the epidemic.Once in a while, cheng will be invited to slap or play badminton with her children when they come downstairs with a basketball.On one occasion, Cheng saw the child stuck in the middle of the slide, but also to help the child “rescue” down.”Kids like to play with me. I don’t think I’m that bad a influence.”Cheng Er said.Cheng, a native of Shenyang, claims to be a postgraduate student in addition to being an Internet celebrity, an anchor and a car model.Cheng er studied architecture at Shenyang City University.After completing her five-year architecture degree, Cheng followed most of her classmates to take the postgraduate entrance exam.After entering college, Cheng opened her own photography studio, where several girls took samples of each other and took business from campus portraits.Cheng ‘er began to make his first bucket of gold.Photo of Cheng Er.Photo of Cheng Er.Why do you choose to live in Changlong Pilot City Community?Cheng er is the end of December last year just moved into the community, usually rarely with the community of other neighbors to deal with, live in this community, is also recommended by a red friend.A lot of net red in the community, but cheng Er familiar is two male net red, the rest of the neighbors, she did not know.But Cheng er is most proud of her car model identity.From the beginning of the third year, because the studio’s own sample was seen by brokers, Cheng er entered the car model circle.To Cheng ‘er, being a car model is both a free trip to the city and an extra income. In her mind, the former is more important than the latter.After an auto show, the salary of car models is only 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, and the cycle of auto shows can be as short as 3 to 5 days and as long as more than 10 days.Because the epidemic repeated, Cheng er online classes, writing papers, preparing for graduation defense, while trying to live broadcast, only two hours a night.”Not even half the volume of our conversation today.”Cheng er said to reporters with a smile.Thanks to her “good luck”, she has won many awards for live broadcasting in both Douyin and Kuaishou. She defines herself as “appearance level anchor”.There are many “sexy” comments on cheng’s photos on social media.To these, Cheng er feels very normal, she is the anchor of appearance level and figure line.”One of the comments said, ‘You haven’t seen her in more revealing pictures.This I do not agree with, because this kind of platform has restrictions, you show a little more, there is a risk of closure.”Cheng er explains.Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporters revisited cheng ‘er two photo sites.One is located in the corner of the children’s plaza, far from the children’s facilities, but many children do pass by.Another is in the open pavilion edge, Cheng ‘er lying on a stone, from the other side of the river can really see the whole process of her shooting.”It’s something you can watch if you want, and you can’t watch if you don’t want to,” Cheng explained.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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