Is there still a chance to build an interconnected e-commerce APP platform?

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Hello, everybody!I am Zhong Yan from Weisanyun. Today, I would like to discuss whether there is still a chance to build an Internet e-commerce platform.What e-commerce APP should be made?Can it stand out in many e-commerce platforms?Or we can also share what good ideas we have in the choice of e-commerce platform.There is such a Guangdong software development company actually engaged in Internet platform technology development and operation for more than 8 years — Weisanyun.Friends may not know a what is the mobile power full eight years actual business concept, 80% of China’s national registered enterprises failed to survive five years of life cycle, and more selective to the software industry, 90% of all software enterprise to be eliminated within five years out of the industry, but we walked for eight years, will certainly be one of the best of the rest.To know, the core of our company is the development of mobile e-commerce marketing platform. In this field, do you know when the generation of mobile e-commerce distribution system is available?Yes, it is the 2014 public number distribution mall.Do you have any of these problems?1. Lack of traffic?Enterprises lack the layout of scenario-oriented consumption channels, resulting in limited flow and difficulty in obtaining customers. 2.Once the traffic in the private domain of enterprise operation is blocked, customer resources and valuable data will be lost.Low viscosity?Single user touch point, unable to fully cover user needs, user retention cost is high 4. Difficult to share?By connecting more industries, alliances share resources, but require long technology cycles.5. Hard to cash out?A large number of user resources have been accumulated, but there is no traffic output interface, which can not be realized efficiently.That to share a set of “micro/letter, pay/treasure, head/bar” functions can be infinite expansion, rapid change, scene overlay get through the “flow” amount and private domain “stay” amount of channel.Share a mode of thinking from people, goods, field integration!The market is constantly changing because the market is constantly changing.C1 is the user of platform B1. When the operator meets a new mode or gameplay, he can establish a new platform B2 and add it to the super APP. In this way, not only B1 and B2 do not affect each other, but also user C2 can be added.User C1 will also send new user C12 to platform B2…In this way, as the platforms in the super APP increase or change, users will continue to accumulate, and the value will also continue to increase, similar to wechat!”We media” and “payment” in super apps are similar to “Toutiao” and “Alipay”.Start-up mode step: Operating the cloud platform, providing system tools, and providing saas account services to physical stores/small businesses.Target: 10,000 saas platform stores.① Establish their own public number/small program mall platform.Self-collection, to build their own private domain users.(2) Through the video number live + national shopping mode to play diversion to sell goods.(3) Docking jingdong, Eternal Asia, global warehouse supply product output, enrich the saas platform product supply.(4) Free output, first establish merchants, first enjoy, and then let saas merchants the next year to use the system to renew the service second step: launch the supply chain system.Integrate upstream primary sources of goods, and then supply to the 10,000 platforms.Solve the problem of diversification of their sources, so that users can choose more products, so that your platform more than ten thousand promotion channels.Step 3: Super APP integration.By integrating these ten thousand platforms into their super APP, these merchants can save APP system fees and share your APP system and their own platform traffic to achieve a win-win ecosystem of mutual diversion and sharing.Step 4: Weis3 cloud system has been connected with third-party advertising alliance business, as long as there is access to gain/benefit.Step 5: Select and evaluate the developable platform from the ten thousand platforms, and share the cooperation. If you provide system support, they will provide the operation platform plan.Like the boss, more than a few projects, there will always be a successful one.Borrow platform, help yourself.Step 6: Zone/block/chain connection with super APP, issuing enterprise token points, circulation, transfer, transaction Super APP advertising flow cash profit model (1) Advertising alliance rebate income (as long as there is access, screen opening, popup and other kinds of advertising) example:If there are 10,000 users on each platform, each of them will download your super APP and the number of people downloading your super APP will be 1000, that is, your super APP registered users =10 million users. (2) Introduction/capital, listing/market.(there is traffic, data, businesses, members, supplies, and water) three, and then to share with you the aggregation flow APP function explain super APP bottom points (used as five sections: the section is the home page of new/news content display.(1). The content is divided into the article (like the/a) (2). A short video display (like trill short video, allows users to send video) (3) live show can be initiated in your APP live, like trill this live) conclusion: video content has become the spirit of the user product at present stage, takes up most of the time.Users need to download multiple apps to watch short videos such as Douyin and new/News youtiao.Users can simply download your super APP and watch it.Edit SouTu the second section is the address book main role is to flow when you set up after, can like social, have their own social contact address book, you can add friends, import recorded by add buddy, with group chat, is a group of only 500 people, and our super APP is can be added group of 6000 people, to do so after the big need not again to chat,You can build your own super social platform user management.Benefits: More than the number of group users, can accommodate each group of 6000 people edit search map the third section is discovery – wechat public account system.Like also found, and we do can be integrated integration docking n public small program mall platform, platform and platform integration, the flow of your super APP.Do is the public business architecture system.Like a good customer mall, each customer has their own public number or small program mall, each business also hope their public number has more users come in.If your mall has 20,000 users, my mall has 50,000 users, and someone else’s mall has 100,000 users, you still have to rely on yourself to operate traffic anyway, and every platform wants more traffic to come in.At the same time also worried about the establishment of the end is easy to be blocked.So when you run a super APP, you can talk to those platforms, help them drive traffic, and also start sharing apps with those platform customers.All integrated in your APP, a mall platform drainage users to download 10,000, then you integrate 100 platforms, your super APP will have 1 million users.For the benefit of your super APP, you can also use these platforms to help you download your APP.Just like, no matter how many users of your public number, or ultimately based on the flow, is the big winner.Our super A is to create an integrated business structure like the public account.Edit search summary: the benefits of each merchant platform: ①. Open platform share your super APP, even if the public number is sealed, but in your super APP there is his mall login.② Can share your APP user traffic, but also for each platform mall to bring a flow entrance.③ Save the cost of APP development, because you can share your super APP.Benefits of your super platform: draw traffic for yourself through the mall of each platform and download your super APP.Edit search map fourth section message management.There is a special consumption bar for the notification of messages in the mall, APP or APP group.My ① user invitation posters, Settings, wallet management, works, account security, Chinese and English language switch, clearing cache, etc.Personal center my change wallet.It’s like alipay’s change wallet.At the same time, you can also start the zone/block/chain payment to build your social payment when your traffic increases.Like alipay financial ecosystem.Chain/block/payment issue its own area, as long as you in integration platform can use area/block/chain payment transaction, can use integral in your area/block/chain store consumption, offline businesses use, good friend chat can send red/area/block/chain bag, internal circulation enterprise equity for palm, creating content public architecture, the future after listed, users believe,May also take your super issued area/block/chain points to buy your original shares, if you do not believe the listing, there are also many easy home mall consumption circulation.Summary highlights: 1. Multiple usage scenarios.Content side, communication side, payment side, application side, advertising side…Multi-touch, multi-scene, multi-application fast connection users.2. Infinite expansion stack.Using modular design structure, the system can be infinitely expanded, and constantly superimpose more new business models to achieve rapid iteration.3. Controllable risk coefficient.Multiple applications are operated in parallel, users are shared on the cloud, and data remains forever. Even if an application is reduced, resources can be reused quickly.4. Build a human-goods farm.Can be combined with cloud business, area/block/chain application……Build rich consumption scenarios, connect both ends of supply and demand with one key through the supply chain system.5. Accumulate user resources.Continuous superimposition and updating of applications can quickly accumulate a large number of user resources and become a super traffic entrance, bringing infinite possibilities.6. Private zone traffic interface.With a large user base, it can help enterprises get through the channel between private domain traffic and improve passive income of the platform.All right!The above is what I want to share. If you are interested, please remember to click “like” and leave a message!This information source: Xiaobian: YZ122521 Micro three yun Zhong Yan