Lazio: in 2011, we had four clean sheets in a row!AC Milan: 2011, we won the title!

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Happy Year of the Tiger, friends!After resting for more than ten days, Yang Yang gradually adjusted herself from the “holiday syndrome”, and we continued to exchange wonderful football matches.The New Year, I plan to communicate with you a game, is the Coppa Italia quarter final, AC Milan host lazio this ball.Although there are plenty of other premier League games that fans are more interested in, the clash between the former giants of Serie A feels like a New Year’s drama when it comes to the combined impact of the two sides.First of all, AC Milan, the former top European club, has no longer attracted the attention of more young fans, but the rossoneri name, in the fan group, is always a weight, especially at present, Milan is gradually recovering, naturally attracted more feelings.But no matter how much progress Milan are showing, there is no escaping the embarrassment of not winning a major title in 11 years since they won serie A in 2011. One could argue that they have also won two Super cups since winning serie A.Indeed, as the “friendly” trophy that might have been overlooked in the past, AC Milan was really excited for a while after winning it in 2016, but what did it get in return?In subsequent years, rossoneri fans still can not see the future, but also more contrast with the old aristocracy down and out.Therefore, strictly speaking, the league title since 2011 after AC milan really haven’t anything important in the title, in this season, the battle over tuition, concentrate on domestic, beat city rivals milan Derby, the defending champion, may add a weight to their premier league title, confidence, but the Italian cup win difficult, also relatively smaller,That leaves AC Milan with no reason not to bid for the honour.What’s more, lazio, their rivals, have already replicated their 2011 success, so why not?So the question comes, what is the “glory” lazio in 2011, by title, actually reveal plot are already clear, in 2011, lazio keep 4 consecutive zero, since then, again to achieve such a simple small wishes, all heart spare capacity is insufficient, which for the former serie a “blue eagle”, was too embarrassed.Anyway, today’s Lazio, the basic is muddling along, the league don’t say the championship, contention for four times are not interested.The Italian cup can be played, 2019 luck is good, won such a championship, enough to make AC Milan envy, right?This is the basic attitude of the two teams in the Coppa Italia, the one who really wants to win but never gets there, the one who takes it one step at a time but doesn’t know what to do with it.It is estimated that many fans may ask Yang Yang when they see here, saying that there is no such thing, for this game, what is the significance?Knock on the chalkboard – as many have seen, AC Milan’s lead over lazio in the Coppa Italia is very small, at least in this century, Milan have only won the Coppa Italia once against lazio.It is inevitable that many fans have the impression that Lazio are milan’s cup Nemesis.The situation Yang Yang introduced to you before is just an explanation of this phenomenon.Before 2011 AC Milan did not take the Coppa Italia too seriously, so they played more casual. Since 2011 they have been less dominant in the league and more serious in the cup, so even if they have lost to Lazio in the last decade, they have lost by one goal at most.At least from the attitude of the game, or very positive.After all, it’s a bit out of place to look at AC Milan’s failure to beat Lazio in the Coppa Italia.In terms of the current state of the two teams, AC Milan basically does not have too special good news, but there is no bad news, the team strive for every possible glory, morale and cohesion is relatively good.Lazio are different, and the biggest problem is that sarri feels he has been fooled by lotito, who has hardly bought him anything other than an oversigned substitute attacker from Portugal, which will affect his future work.However, lazio’s sporting director Tare has boasted that he is proud of his recruitment efforts.Such antics are said to have infuriated Surrey, who have now postponed contract talks with the club.The surrey once decided to leave, the team must were undermined, the team, after all, not everyone call for moby, they need is a bosses like surrey affirmative, if the manager’s future is uncertain, the team’s fighting capacity will be compromised, at least from some of the players at the moment of contract, the team is not very optimistic, millin yanukovich is likely to go,Felipe’s prospects are not good either…With the main team and coach lacking in motivation and no one on the bench, how can lazio take on an away team that has just beaten Inter milan and been put on the spot by Pioli?Want to say almost so much, is a yangyang speech, only for your reference, improper place also please forgive, more thank you for your patience to read!