Actress reveals life in prison: ‘The worst part is being stared at in the shower.

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I’m sure a lot of people hate drugs.After all, we can see many cases around us or in the news.They are so hateful and pathetic!However, in addition to ordinary people taking drugs, many celebrities or producers also use “seeking inspiration” to take drugs!People may not be familiar with Xiao Shu-shen now, but she used to be a very famous goddess!He was arrested for drugs, and after he was released, he was in for drugs.Of course no one wanted to hear her sing or see her perform any more.The media invited her to take part in an interview about her life after drug abuse.Siu Shu-shen said, taking drugs is a very wrong thing!And, once inside, being stared at in the shower and toilet made her feel very uncomfortable.She also expressed her opinion and wanted to give herself some convenience and privacy.After all, she is a public figure.All I can say is that it’s all my fault. There’s a big difference!This shows the harmfulness of drugs!