The factory worker who escaped the assembly line wanted to become a certified public accountant

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In 2017, the tenth year she was stuck on an assembly line, Shan broke through to become an accountant.After that, as her life improved, she had a new goal — to become a certified public accountant.After deciding to leave the assembly line, Shan wondered what she should do.What can be done?Eventually, she switched to accounting.The reason is simple and practical: “I don’t want to eat my body’s youth anymore.”From junior college, upgrade, accounting, junior accounting, certified public accountant……As long as the goal is related to improving her own ability, she will be desperate to pursue.”November 27, 2015, that day I decided to become an accountant.” Maybe it’s because of a certain degree of sleep disorder, or maybe she is approaching 30 years old, Shan feels that she hasn’t had enough sleep recently.Day or night, there is always the roar of the workshop machines, and the tension in the brain feels like it is about to break.This is her eighth year working as a quality inspector on the factory assembly line.Taking a deep breath, Shan quickly washed her face and braced herself up.Today, a relative’s birthday, a table of food, is waiting for her arrival.All the way to catch up, finally into the hotel box, greeted relatives, they sat down to eat while chatting enthusiastically.During the banquet, perhaps it is the look that discovered Shan shan is too tired, aunt gather together come over to inquire recent situation.Knowing that it was still because of lack of rest, my aunt advised her heartbroken: “If it goes on like this, the body should endure bad, you can try to change careers.I think accounting is good, the older the more popular, at least do not need to eat youth food.”This suggestion said, Shan shan immediately leng for a while.She has not thought of changing careers, in order to improve themselves, in 2009 to take the college entrance examination in her spare time.After that, I have tried a lot, but I have not found my own direction.Now the choice of accounting is in front of her, it seems to be difficult to cross the line, but it also makes her want to challenge the impulse.(Shan once studied for a junior college in her spare time and successfully obtained her diploma.)At night, She tossed and turned, telling her husband what she thought.After hearing this, the husband was very supportive and assured Shan that he would do his best to take care of the children and housework.Shan is an action person who has an idea and must do it immediately.The next day, in order to prepare for the accounting professional qualification exam, she went into a local accounting agency.It was a dry winter in Beijing. When she stepped out of the gate, the wind blew in her face, and Shan’s brain gradually woke up.She remembers the date clearly: “It was December 17, 2015, when the 2013 version of accounting standards were still in place and there were trading financial assets.”It was the day that changed the course of her life.”I was so sleepy that the bus conductor couldn’t wake me up.” Shan’s factory operates two shifts: two day shifts (7:30 a.m. to 19:40 p.m.) and two night shifts (19:30 p.m. to 7:40 a.m.).Apart from this part of the fixed rest time, almost all year round.Because “people work around machines, and as long as the production line is running, someone is always watching.”In order to balance her work and prepare for the exam, Shan decided to take classes from evening to early morning.”In fact, just learning accounting, all know that debit and credit bookkeeping, accounting items are very important content, but I do not have time to hear from beginning to end.Often by the time we get to the office, the class has already started.”And every time she arrived, she would repeatedly tell the teacher: “Sorry, I just got off the night shift to sleep for a while, please wake me up when you get to the important point.”Maybe she didn’t feel it at first, but with the silent irrigation of knowledge, she gradually came to appreciate the beauty of accounting: the delicate conservation of balance in debit and credit bookkeeping, and the seemingly ordinary accounting items covering all economic activities in the society…Later, she was fascinated by trading financial assets, hold-to-maturity investments and so on.The strong cohesion of the class requires her to pay more spirit.Wait until the class, whether physical or mental, have reached the limit, often unknowingly in the home of the bus drowsy, “the vehicle arrived at the station I do not know, the conductor tried to call all failed to wake me up.(Night scene on the way to class.)”Fortunately, I can have both the certificate and the best friend from Dongao.” After obtaining the accounting qualification certificate, Shan didn’t have a smooth road to finding a job at the beginning.”After all, only one certificate is nothing.”After much thought, she still wants to take a junior certificate in accounting.But this time, she did not want to go through the factory and training classes, “because just waste a lot of time on the road.”She remembered in a class in the way came across a test friends, at that time test friends in hand is east Austria “easily pass ®️ a”.Out of curiosity, she approached to borrow books and tried out matching courses: “I was impressed by the clarity of my thinking in both books and classes.”What’s more, using The Online courses and preparing for the junior accounting exam at Dongao gives her more flexibility in her study time and even access to the library.Also be over there, Shan Shan got acquainted with friend xiaodong.”I met Xiao Dong when I was waiting in line to enter the museum. She has a baby face and is very cute.While waiting in line, she was using her mobile phone to play the online course of East Olympics. She was also preparing for the junior accounting title.”Shan stepped forward, and the common topic quickly familiarized them, and they added wechat to each other, becoming unspoken friends.Shan doesn’t have many friends.Due to the natural accumulation of melanin on her face, she was the least noticeable among her peers from childhood to adulthood.From the age of 5, her parents took her to famous doctors, lasers, skin grafts…Everything has been tried with little success.”When I was a child, everyone could find someone to hold hands with, but I was always alone.”Also be precisely because of such, can obtain a pass through appearance, cherish immanent friend to shan Shan character sufficient precious, small winter is one of them.Until now, Shan shan is very grateful to this paragraph by the fate of east Austria pulling the strings.”Two years of sharpening a sword, starting from the most basic cashier?”In 2017, Shan successfully obtained a junior accountant title.During her days on the assembly line, she occasionally felt that the workshop was too big yet too small: big enough to allow hundreds of people to assemble sophisticated cellphone parts at once, too small to hold her dream.After nearly two years, she was sure she was well prepared to embrace her new professional life.After resigning from the factory, Shan found a job as a beauty salon teller.In Beijing in 2017, she remembers clearly, “I was offered 2,980 yuan a month.A cashier is a busboy who helps out wherever there is a shortage of hands except for the most basic tasks.”Sometimes I don t even have time to eat from early morning to 11 p.m., so I fill a big bottle of water before going to work to prevent thirst and hunger.Although the work is tiring, it is also very training.Under high pressure, Shan grew up quickly and took the CMA exam in her spare time: “Compared with the exam for accounting profession and elementary accounting, CMA is” more fun “.Because the managerial thinking examined in CMA helps a lot in both work and life.”(Shan’s CMA transcript.)After getting the CMA, Shan moved to a travel agency.Although still cashier post, but she did not complain, because this job can let her contact more economic business, faster growth.Turnover calculation, invoice voucher processing, tax treatment……Those simple and complicated work, she is full of enthusiasm into them, but also obtained a leap in progress.After accumulating two years of work experience, Shan found a regular finance job, “with reasonable hours and good pay.The most important thing is to finally get back to a normal routine.”Shan’s current company is small, but her work is relaxed and the department leader is tolerant and easy-going. She often encourages her to learn more and improve herself in her spare time.From a noisy assembly line to a bright office building, Shan knows how hard it is to have all these things and understands the importance of continuous learning.After successfully passing the bachelor’s degree in accounting, She dreamed of becoming a certified public accountant in 2019.(Shan succeeded in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting by passing the exam.)(During her undergraduate studies, Shan also passed the National English Test Band 3 certificate.)The knowledge of THE CPA examination is much deeper and broader than that of the accounting professional certificate and the elementary accounting examination.Before, Shan couldn’t even think about it.But now she’s different. “Ten years on the assembly line is the best way to build willpower.Through these years, I’ve learned that no matter how tough it is, there’s nothing you can’t get over.”CPA, intermediate, tax accountant, intermediate economist…Since 2019, Shan hasn’t let up a moment.”21 days. I only give myself 21 days to get into a state of full learning.”In behavioral psychology, the phenomenon that it takes at least 21 days for a new habit or idea to form and solidify is called the 21-day effect.In other words, an action or thought repeated for 21 days becomes habitual.Shan, on the other hand, can concentrate for 5-6 hours a day in less than 21 days.In 2019, she tried CPA tax law and economic Law for the first time, and successfully passed both subjects, making a good start.In 2020, Beijing canceled the intermediate level and CPA exams one after another for epidemic prevention and control.While some students might consider whether to stop preparing for the exam, she said, “At this time, I concentrate on studying at home, so as not to cause trouble to society.”While studying, Shan also accompanied her child to study.”We monitor each other.They even compare their test scores.Sometimes children joke that their mothers are so stupid that they can’t learn!In fact, I think this kind of education is much better than beating and scolding.”As for the learning content of CPA, intermediate and tax accountant, Shan has already understood: “For example, intermediate accounting practice, CPA accounting and tax accountant’s financial and accounting, the agreement degree is at least 70%;The tax law of CPA also has a 50%-80% agreement with many subjects of tax accountants. As a finance subject, I have to take the exam sooner or later. Why not save the maximum cost in limited time?After all, the cost of time is most valuable.”Preparing for the intermediate and CPA exams also brought Shan into contact with many famous teachers she had never known before.”Teacher Fu Fu is the most humorous;Teachers Huang Jiexun and Wang Ying are the most able to start from the examinee’s point of view…Thanks to repeated lessons from Yan Huahong, Zheng Xiaobo and Zheng Hong, I was able to score 80.5 in the exam.”Shan is a hard-working person who grew up without any pride, even though she was pregnant, she dragged herself to the college entrance exam, let alone the 12-hour night shift on the assembly line.Therefore, learning for Shan is not a painful thing, but a kind of enjoyment.To study, she is meticulous and never underestimate the enemy.Whether preparing for CPA, intermediate or tax accountant, each subject has at least three rounds of learning: “The first round with” easily pass ®️ a “, knowledge points are clear, key and difficult points are easy to distinguish, after-school exercises are also very comprehensive;The second round with “easy pass ®️ three”, the examination questions in place, clearly understand the direction of the examination;The third round with “easy pass ®️ four”, all-round search for their weak points, targeted sprint before the test.”(Shan is working on the problem.)(A daily practice of intermediate accounting is saved in Shan shan’s computer.)When she was preparing for the exam, she would go shopping for dinner with her friends and watch her teachers’ live broadcasts.She said watching the live broadcast is her happiest moment, because “I can learn knowledge and interact with my favorite teachers.””The future is bright and clear, and CPA gives me confidence again.” In 2021, after two years of hard work, Shan took the remaining four exams of CPA and the intermediate accountant title exam.In this year, the accumulation of achievements is finally reflected.She not only passed the intermediate accountant qualification examination at one time, but also finished the CPA professional stage with scores ranging from 10 to 20 points above the qualified line for each subject.(Shan’s intermediate accounting transcript.)(Shan’s CPA transcript.)Although Shan has gained the attention of her boss since passing the professional stage of CPA.However, due to the epidemic prevention and control, the examination of tax accountant in many regions of the country was postponed this year, so she failed to take the examination on time, but she still did not relax, has been preparing for the postponed examination in January, after all, “for employers, naturally prefer to know tax finance.”Learning is a gradual process, and so is life.There was a time when Shan was humbled by her imperfect looks and confused by her difficult situation.But through study, she realized the real reverse of life, and it is in the process of continuous study that she gradually discovered her strengths and became more confident and confident.In silent accumulation force, Shan shan’s heart becomes strong gradually, learned how to embrace imperfect oneself, and no longer care about other people’s strange vision.”I am content with what I have.I also firmly believe that the future will be better and better.”Shan said with a smile.The sun through the branches and leaves gap, falling on her face, reflecting the piece was kissed by the angel traces, she is actually very beautiful smile.The 2022 CPA exam will be held from August 26 to 28. 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