Yumen: Spring Festival is off to a good start

2022-06-12 0 By

During the Spring Festival, yumen City, Jiuquan, many enterprises do not stop production, project construction does not stop, workers stick to their posts, work overtime to promote production, busy construction, everywhere present a busy scene of forging ahead.In yumen east building materials chemical Industrial Park, Gansu Hui Nong Feng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. production workshop, machines roar, Jiangxi native young man Li Xuan is the company’s minister of safety and environment department.”As a chemical company, safety and environmental protection are particularly important, so THIS year I chose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally in response to the company’s call,” he said.Many enterprises in Yumen did not stop work during the Spring Festival, and many people like Li xuan chose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.Gansu Jinlitong Carbon Material Technology Co., a chemical company that produces and processes coal tar and mesophase asphalt, did not stop production during the Spring Festival, not far from Huinongfeng Biotechnology Co.In order to encourage employees to spend the Spring Festival on the spot, the company has introduced a series of heart-warming measures to let employees warm the Spring Festival.For example, we will increase welfare benefits and give year-end bonuses to employees, prepare dinner for those who cannot go home for the Spring Festival, and reimburse travel expenses for those who live far away from home to ensure that every employee has a good year.”Company administration department minister Han Qing said.During the Spring Festival does not stop production of enterprises, Yumen city also to do a good job of coal, electricity, oil and gas transport and other factors of production service guarantee work, at the same time to carry out a wide range of enterprises to send warm activities, so that enterprises at ease in production, assured development, so that employees in Yumen have a good year.Gansu Shengnuo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in Yumendong Building materials chemical Industrial Park.Into the production workshop, all kinds of equipment normal operation, workers shuttle between each equipment, to ensure the safe operation of equipment.”The company set new goals this year.In order to achieve annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, we will speed up production under the premise of ensuring the safety and good order of production and life, and strive to achieve output value of more than 30 million yuan in the first quarter.”Gansu Sheng Nuo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. production minister he Yinwei said.The dye and dye intermediates production project of Jiuquan Yupeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the key projects attracted by the industrial chain in Yumen city in 2019.In order to put the project into operation as soon as possible, the project side has made a detailed construction plan and focused on speeding up the construction progress, striving to complete all the five production workshops in the second half of 2022.Strong project industry is strong, strong industry is Yumen xing.Yumen city focuses on optimizing the industrial layout, pays close attention to the industrial demand, adopts the combination of “point, line and plane”, precisely plans investment projects, and has attracted and built a number of major projects with high industrial level, large investment scale and strong driving ability.In 2021, yumen confirmed the start of 126 key projects, of which 25 projects including CNN 200,000 kW Wind power, Century Dekun and CRRC Zhuzhou were completed and put into operation, and 83 projects including West Xinyu, Shangshang Chemical, Yupeng Chemical and Jinlitong were accelerated.In 2022, Yumen City will make further efforts to consolidate project reserves, expand project volume and expand project increment. 124 key projects will be implemented throughout the year, and the annual planned investment of 11.8 billion yuan will be completed.Source: Jiuquan Daily