A girl in Hebei province wears a “bare-leg artifact” when she goes home for the Spring Festival

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On February 1, in Xingtai, Hebei province, a girl went to her grandmother’s house to celebrate the Spring Festival. Because this year is her birth year, she wanted to dress up and put on a “bare-leg artifact”.Grandpa thought she was not wearing pants, and then grandma made a move and netizens became upset.It turned out that the girl went to her grandmother’s house during the Spring Festival. Do young girls love beauty?It is his birth year, put on the bare-leg artifact, did not expect grandpa saw, thought she did not wear cotton pants, grandma is afraid of her cold, quickly took a big cotton pants let the girl cover.As soon as the girl saw the big cotton pants so thick, she would not wear them. She was scared and ran out, with grandma chasing after her.The girl said: Wearing cotton pants is too thick and ugly, I dare not go out, but later I think I understand the old man, afraid I wear too thin, cold legs.When netizens saw this scene, they were not calm, they commented one after another, some netizens said: I have to wear makeup and suit to work outside.Back home on the liberation of shoes, mountain firewood, 125 pull firewood home.Have net friend say: again not thin one layer, add velvet add thick add wool of good not good, very warm of, now girl all wear so, but the old man think you didn’t wear pants, think you are cold, smooth!Big New Year’s day, the weather is so cold, pants are not wearing, the old man see distressed ah!This grandmother is not only afraid that she is cold, but also afraid that she will lose the face of her ancestors, afraid that she is immoral is true. In the city, you wear what you like to wear, in the city so wear, no one thinks you are unusual, but back to the countryside, so wear old people certainly can’t look down.If you put holes in your jeans, your grandma would sew them on.To tell the truth, or cotton pants warm, that pants on a thin layer of velvet, thin good-looking, but back home for the New Year, this is absolutely cold, people go to where or along with where good, rural people can not accept such wearing, the old man thought did not wear pants, afraid of children cold!Ha-ha, get some pants and put them on.I was a young, cold, cold leg, love beauty, now old, regret.You can wear whatever you want outside, out of sight, out of mind.Big New Year’s day home still wear so, you can’t stay a few days and walk, will be the village people said three four.When in Rome, do as the Romans do, return home according to the habit of home wear, do not whole so alternative, in the eyes of the villagers so wear is weird, is not wearing pants, no one feel you the United States.When you go back to your hometown to see your elders, you should wear traditional clothes. After all, the elders’ eyes are different from those of young people.Would you dare to wear that back home?# Welcome the new students