The first month orders broke 70,000 units, sold to 280,000 Huawei asked the world M5, really so hot?

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Huawei: “we do not make cars, only car porters”!As the second new energy model of Huawei cooperation, Huawei wenjie M5 is positioned at the high-end luxury SUV, if there is no cooperation with Huawei, this car has no influence, can in today’s highly competitive new energy market, even 18 lines are not, do not sell!M5 has huawei support, but also in the new car launch conference, Huawei tycoon Yu Chengdong personally platform, and huawei in this storm, upright, in the hearts of the people, absolutely belongs to the unprecedented height!For example, I am a Huawei nail household!Last year, huawei’s automotive business was one of them!This M5 is built by huawei Huawei consumer business and other major teams, including system software, industrial design, engineering technology, Hongmeng ecology, etc., with a high degree of autonomy, so this M5 is listed on the hot market, brand influence is not lost those new forces of building cars!This time, Huawei AITO M5 launched a total of three models, pre-sale prices of 250,000 yuan, 280,000 yuan, 320,000 yuan!This price is the cheapest extended range hybrid SUV in the market, and Huawei is a big IP holder, so the popularity is beyond expectation. According to Huawei official, orders for the new car exceeded 70,000 units in the first month, which is fully in line with Huawei’s original expectations!AITO as competition, cooperation with huawei launched a new high-end smart car brands, and asked the M5 will set the two director, especially huawei HongMeng HarmonyOS smart cockpit models, with the full blessing, huawei intelligent technology ask world M5 on machine and intelligent made absolutely belongs to the most outstanding performance, no one, really formed all things connected!Ask the M5’s huawei HarmonyOS smart cockpit, but with other intelligent terminal seamless transfer, huawei on software strength is obvious to all, as the world’s first-class scientific research ability, and the level of L2 + smart driving auxiliary, split screen HongMeng wisdom, huawei bluetooth watches 3 d face recognition, automatic login huawei accounts such as luxury configuration is everything!And colloquial is “What you don’t have, I must have, what I have, you certainly don’t”!And hongmeng system is also accepted by more car enterprises!Then is the power aspect, ask bound M5 based on pure electric drive range extension platform, which is also more than pure electric vehicles have long endurance, do not worry about endurance!In the full state of full fuel, the new car CLTC operating range of 1242 kilometers, and the four-wheel drive version of the performance comparable to the super car, 100 kilometers of acceleration only 4.4 seconds, because it is to increase the program design, so the endurance is also very advantageous, easily through thousands of kilometers!Its 1.5T four-cylinder extender 3.0 can achieve a liter of oil 3.2KWH electricity, compared with the industry improved by 20%, which makes Yu Chengdong full of praise!The outline of the M5 vehicle is very similar to porsche Cayenne. The front face of the M5 adopts the design of large air intake grille, and the vehicle is simple and atmospheric while losing the sense of sports science and technology.The length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1930/1625mm, and the wheelbase is 2880mm.Whether it is in interior design, underlying architecture or powertrain, Huawei has begun to carve a strong “Huawei brand” on the M5.And Yu Chengdong bluntly, this car is comparable to millions of luxury cars, the mileage of the second kill many pure tram!The first month orders broke 70,000 units, sold to 280,000 Huawei asked the world M5, really so hot?What do you think about that?Welcome to leave your comments!