The longest tunnel of Tongcheng Pumping water storage power station project in Anhui ushered in the start of shield tunneling

2022-06-13 0 By

Cover news reporter Li Maojia recently, the national “14th Five-Year plan” energy construction key project – Anhui Tongcheng pumped storage power station project, ushered in the longest tunnel tunneling shield.For the first time, the construction side adopted the full-section tunneling technology, and dug about 20 meters of tunnel every day, which is 4-10 times of the traditional drilling and blasting method. Moreover, the construction efficiency was greatly improved by the 24-hour non-stop operation.”Tongxin” full section tunnelling machine was put into operation.It is understood that the longest tunnel started by shield tunneling is carried out by Chongqing Company of China Aneng Third Engineering Bureau, using “Tongxin” full section tunnel boring machine (TBM for short).Tongxin is the second small-diameter TBM in China with a length of 63 meters, a weight of 300 tons, and a diameter of 3.53 meters.The tunnel is expected to be fully completed in May 2023.”TBM uses electronics, information, telemetry, remote control and other high-tech technologies to guide and monitor all operations. It has the advantages of high automation, fast construction speed and low geological disturbance.”Project manager introduced that it is expected that in May 2023, the tunnel can be fully through, laying a solid foundation for the construction of pumped storage power station.