23 + 7 + 5!Nets rookie makes stunning debut, ends 11-game losing streak Talks with Adu, trade Harden is worth it

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February 15, Beijing time, the Nets against the Kings, Irving’s absence, curry and Drummond starting.New arrivals, the Nets played well, even in the first quarter once led by 19 points.The Kings came close, and Curry stepped up, scoring 12 points in the third quarter as the Nets took the lead again, 109-85, to end an 11-game losing streak.Steph Curry had a stunning debut with 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists on 10-of-18 shooting, and Draymond had 11 points, nine rebounds and four assists as both new players had solid performances.Steph curry and Kevin Durant were chatting on the sidelines. Trading Harden was worth it. Both new guys are playing well, but Simmons is not playing yet.The Nets are on an 11-game losing streak and need to win.The nets broke out of their slump this time, with Curry hitting multiple midrange baskets and Brown’s 3-pointer for a 13-2 lead.Brown and Steph curry also hit threes in a row, brown even made it 2+1, he was in good shape.The nets’ offense was much more fluid, and Adelman was 2-and-1, but he was chased by the Kings for an 11-point lead.Steph can assist, he can score, it’s good.King of the second quarter to catch up, he repeatedly stand up to score, break through the layup.But as the Kings continued to close the lead, Nash would not call a timeout, or even the Kings first.Steph curry set up back-to-back baskets for Adriad, who finished with a put-back to give the Nets a seven-point lead.It was a roller-coaster ride, a 19-point lead that was quickly recovered, and Nash couldn’t call a timeout.The Kings got down to one point in the third quarter, and Nash finally called a timeout.Curry immediately drove to the basket, including a 3-pointer from the outside, and then hit a 3-pointer for seven straight points.Curry also set up Brown for a 2-and-1, then hit a 3-pointer of his own.Steph curry started to power up, continued to hit midrange shots, and zhuang continued to eat, as the nets took another 17-point lead thanks to the power of the two newcomers.The Kings followed up, but the Nets played good defense and were able to maintain a double-digit lead.Steph was surprised to play so well in his debut.Adriano continued to score at the end of the quarter, and the rest of the team came out on top after adriano’s midrange hit for a 19-point lead.The Kings followed with back-to-back points, with Steph setting up zhuang and Thomas and Brown scoring, denying the Kings a chance.After the king also wasted the opportunity, their own offense is not good, finally the nets replaced the main force, easily win the game, ending the losing streak, finally win the ball.The performance of the new nets is still good, Stephen Curry’s debut has a lot of bright spots.Steph has a good mid range and can drive to the rim, and although he missed his 3-pointer, he can still score in other ways.Back to the three, more momentum.And Steph has a good defensive attitude and is willing to assist.Curry is making $7.44 million a year on a four-year, $32 million contract.To be able to play like that, the price is already very high.When Curry is on the court, the nets’ offense flows smoothly.Nets can get Steph, really picked up treasure, I believe he is also very suitable for Durant, look forward to the two together.And another new addition Draymond also had a good performance, although the first half of the game was mediocre, but later adjusted, curry and others to feed him bread, so what can he score inside.Have to say, Steph curry’s passing is also a bright spot, harden left, the nets organization obviously down, Steph curry can step up, this is undoubtedly very good.Now the Nets two new players have a breakout, and Simmons has not played, he appeared on the sideline, debut has to wait.It seems that the Nets trade Harden will not be a loss, more than three strong new aid, value.