Qi Chenglong, Capital Normal University: Double Olympic volunteer serving volunteers

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Qi Chenglong, secretary of the Youth League committee at Capital Normal University, is keeping up the pace of his daily work.On January 25th, I arrived at work at 7:30 in the morning and started my work.This winter holiday, together with three colleagues of the Youth League Committee, he shoulders the responsibility of providing security for more than 800 volunteers of the School for the Winter Olympics.At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Qi Chenglong, then a second-year graduate student, volunteered for the Games and did a lot of work for international concierge services.In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he became a volunteer again as secretary of the Youth League committee of his school.As time goes by, my role has changed, but my Olympic volunteer service remains unchanged.But this time, in addition to their own services, there are more than 800 student volunteers that he and his team need to care for.Capital Normal University participated in the winter Olympics volunteer service of more than 800 students involved in more than 20 positions, each position has different requirements, different training time, different security requirements, classification accuracy and high quality assurance, there are great challenges.The Party Committee of the university has given full support to the volunteer service for the Winter Olympics.Meng Fanhua, party secretary, and Fang Fuquan, headmaster, defined the Winter Olympics as the “no. 1 project” in the first half of this year.Yang Zhicheng, standing Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, led several special coordination meetings of various functional departments, focusing on studies, accommodation, transportation, closed management, etc., integrating various resources of the university and giving priority to guarantee;School games program office is located in the school youth corps committee, JiChengLong as director of the office of special games team at the same time, lead the work team of the games are held on a regular basis to ensure scheduling meetings, site office, timely solve the difficulty in serve the students, also innovative to set up a “campus security volunteers group”, namely “volunteer volunteers”.The school is designed from top to bottom with comprehensive support, and strives to make every winter Olympics volunteer free from worries, warm heart, rest assured and comfortable into the service work.Epidemic prevention and control is a key part of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The school environment, the daily health monitoring of more than 800 volunteers, the management of school entry and exit, and the 48-hour nucleic acid test are all issues that Qi chenglong is most concerned about.The school has more than 200 students winter Olympics volunteers have entered the closed loop management, living in the winter Olympics village, Qi Chenglong the first time to mobilize resources to buy protective materials for students.With the opening of the Winter Olympics approaching, the university has decided to concentrate the dormitory manager for the non-closed winter Olympics volunteers who live on campus, and he and his colleagues are busy coordinating the relocation of students’ dormitories.In addition to epidemic prevention, logistics are also on his mind.Volunteers for the Winter Olympics participate in rehearsals. Sometimes they leave at six in the morning and go back to school in the early morning. Do students need extra meals?To help students eat well, the school provides volunteers with three free meals a day, and every day is the same.Some students reported that when they came back at 11 or 12 o ‘clock in the evening, the school bathhouse would be closed. He made a note of them one by one and negotiated with the logistics department one by one to ask the bathhouse to extend the opening hours.There are more than 800 student volunteers. Inevitably, some students have headaches and fever. Two days ago, one student had stomach cramps.Some students reported that there were no hair dryers and no high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory, making it inconvenient for girls to wash their hair at night.Qi Chenglong saw it in the wechat group, and immediately implemented a hair dryer for each bedroom the next day.The students were overjoyed.Some students feedback that there is no space for communication after the centralized accommodation, Qi Chenglong led the team to design the “Volunteer home”, so that everyone has a new study and activity space.Students’ safety and confidentiality education, students’ psychological counseling, academic guarantee, school Winter Olympics cultural landscape design…Qi and the teachers of the Youth League committee, as the strong backing of the school’s more than 800 Volunteers for the Winter Olympics, every detail of consideration for the students.In order to do a good job in the student work, under his organization, also in the student Winter Olympics volunteers set up a temporary party committee, temporary youth League committee.On January 25, Qi Chenglong (r) discussed with MAO Jiapeng (l), a member of the Youth League Committee, during an interview with reporters.At four or five o ‘clock in the afternoon, Qi Chenglong was still attending a meeting. From time to time, a teacher or student would check in with him.As for when to get off work, Qi Chenglong showed a photo that he took with him: every night, the office of the youth League committee on the third floor of the university student activity center is brightly lit, and teachers and students are actively working overtime.”Serving students, no time point, do not know when off work.””He laughed.These two days, Qi Chenglong is also busy and the canteen to discuss New Year’s Eve dinner for students to do something good.”We plan to treat students to a big dinner on the eve of New Year’s Eve and on the first day of the New Year.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, on the basis of epidemic prevention, we will let everyone show their talents and relax.”China Education News reporter Zhang Chunming