Bitter Nanjing: why is salt duck the most authentic in Nanjing?

2022-06-15 0 By

The city of Nanjing has gone through the hardships of war.From the beginning of the celestial city in space, almost everyone living in Nanjing is a man.Nanjing is originally a city on the Yangtze River, nanjing people eat duck, basically to understand the insides of the duck, nanjing salted duck, roast duck, and nanjing’s unique duck blood fans.If you come to Xi ‘an, locals will definitely recommend sheep’s blood vermicello, which is another way to open vermicello, but only duck’s blood is considered authentic.Different from most jiangnan dishes, salted duck is a cold dish, cooked and kept cool until the salted duck is tasted.This duck is not suitable for summer. It is best to eat in spring and autumn.The method of making salted duck is nothing special when you think about it.Fried salt, clear brine complex.Salted duck with sauteed dried duck, then boiled duck, good control of the heat, you can taste the tender flavor of salted duck.Each shop often has its own soup preserved for decades or even hundreds of years, which may be the Yangtze River so many cities are eating duck, but nanjing’s salted duck, but no one dares to imitate.But, although salted duck is good, but as a specialty of Nanjing, it is difficult to get the love of non-local friends, nanjing people now, every festival basically do not send salted duck.Salted duck is the memory of Nanjing people, so many ducks a year, not enough for Nanjing people to eat, which cost others to give gifts?What do you think?