Buy a house encyclopedia | put on record price and sale price what difference?

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When we buy a house, we often hear the record price, the average price of real estate, etc., many people do not know what the difference between the two, as buyers we also want to know more about the basic knowledge of real estate.One, put on record price and the distinction that carry out house price put on record price of commodity house is development business is in before open market build appoint put on record price, sell price is the price that sets after open market, generally speaking sell price is meeting prep above put on record price.The pre-sale price of commercial housing changes in principle is not more than 5% of the previous record price, specific changes need to be determined by the local real estate departments in charge of the actual.1, record price “record price” as the name implies that the official guidance price, is the real estate developers in the housing authority reported the sale price of the real estate or building housing source.Real estate developers to sell housing, must be put on record in the housing authority, after the pre-sale or sales license.Developers get pre-sale card, must be on the price publicity, including benchmark price, allowed to float range, comprehensive price difference, unit price, total price, developers can not increase the price at will.Theoretically, the sale price of commercial housing shall not rise more than 5%-10% of the record price, and the price shall not exceed 20%-30% of the float, depending on the city, or the Housing Authority will not give net signing.2, sales price sales price that buyers go to real estate to understand the housing sales price, a house a price, each house price is not the same.3, the average price of real estate average price refers to the average price of the overall housing sales of the real estate.4, floating price floating price refers to the real estate prices can be higher or lower than the record price difference.5, net signed in the housing authority signed by the buyer and seller of the transaction information, used for the future real estate certificate handling and circulation proof.If you can not do the net sign, the housing can not handle the property ownership certificate, transfer, secondary transactions, etc.Simply put: the money paid for the house is not yours.Article source: Leju buying quality content recommendation total investment 248 million yuan!Construction of 14 key urban construction projects in Lanling County totaled 9.69 billion yuan.Yishui 16 key urban construction projects concentrated start to show!Last week, zhuhai residential net signed 301 sets of Jinwan record price of 13,700 yuan /㎡