CCTV broadcast women’s Football Asian Cup final, really rare

2022-06-15 0 By

Today, China Women’s Football Team announced the broadcast time and platform of tomorrow’s match through its official social platform. CCTV Sports, IQiyi and Migu Video will broadcast the women’s football team’s match tomorrow. This is the first time for CCTV Sports channel to broadcast the women’s football team’s match in this Asian Cup, and it is also the final match!Why did CCTV choose to broadcast men’s football instead of women’s football?Regardless of achievement, in my view, first of all, football awareness is very high, CCTV, as the country’s most authoritative platform they eventually choose flow, the results did not think of the CCTV broadcast of the football game is not only to Japan football, soccer is 1:3 lost to Vietnam, and the women’s and the Japanese women’s football, women’s soccer team beat Vietnam in the face of the CCTV broadcast choice, public uproar, criticism constantly!Fortunately, CCTV finally chose to live broadcast the final match of the Women’s Asian Cup under the high expectation of fans all over the country. However, seeing the dismal results of the men’s football match broadcast by CCTV, we couldn’t help worrying about the women’s football girls, but we still believe that the women’s football girls can break the magic spell!