Do cars suffer from post-holiday syndrome?

2022-06-15 0 By

The Lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end, but many people say they are suffering from post-holiday syndrome.Recently, there are car owners reflect after the holiday, unexpectedly start difficulties, battery failure and other problems, does the car also suffer from “post-holiday syndrome”?To this, Shanghai disappear to protect appoint special hire expert, teach broad netizen to distinguish battery condition, safe travel.Problem 1: why the battery failure frequent, difficult to start?There are three main reasons for this situation: one is that the vehicle has been idle for a long time, the battery is in a continuous slow discharge state, and it can not be effectively charged for a long time.Second, the battery is greatly affected by temperature, the lower the external temperature, the worse the discharge performance.Open-air parked vehicles, after many days of winter baptism, if the original battery performance is poor, low temperature start-up difficulties are not difficult to understand.Third, if there are too many electric equipment such as dashcam, navigation, charger and audio on the car, the load of the generator will be too high.When the internal circuit detects that the voltage is too low, it will consume the storage battery and cause the battery power loss, and the excessive discharge for a long time will cause great damage to the battery.Question two: how to identify whether the battery needs to be replaced in daily life?Refer to headlight brightness.Automobile headlights are relatively high power consumption components in the vehicle equipment. If the light is obviously dim without starting the vehicle, it indicates that the battery power is insufficient or its life is about to be exhausted.On-board function prompt.Most of the current vehicles are equipped with BMS (battery management system) systems, which will notify the aging or excessive discharge of the battery.In addition, more and more of the current start-stop models, when the battery life is running out, the start-stop system will not work at all, which is a good hint.Check the performance of the battery in time.If the normal startup is found to be not smooth, it is necessary to timely detect the performance of the battery. The performance of the battery may have declined, and it is necessary to replace it in time.In addition, in the vehicle use process, try not to use too much electrical equipment at the same time.If the vehicle is parked for a long time, it is best to start the vehicle at an interval of time, usually about 15 minutes a week, which is conducive to battery charging and engine lubrication.