Mocha DHT-PHEV: Make new power the second choice

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Either looking for a stake or on the way to looking for a stake.””Four hours in line, one hour in charge.””Electric cars in the city, do not go on the highway.”In addition to countless jokes, there are even people willing to fight over charging piles…These are the famous scenes of electric vehicles on expressways that we can see every holiday.At this time, we can always hear a lot of belittling, questioning the voice of new energy vehicles.So, in reality, as some people say, the current stage of car or pure fuel cars more secure?In my opinion, the answer is no.Because while fuel cars are free of range anxiety, they are not without their drawbacks.For example, the soaring oil price increases the cost of cars, and the backward level of intelligence makes drivers unable to enjoy the convenience brought by scientific and technological progress.Far do not say, only fuel consumption this one, recently let many fuel car owners issued a “92 fill, full of debt;Fill up, break the bank;98 fill up, three generations of repayment “self-deprecation.And high-speed long-distance driving, fuel car trouble, effort is not to say more.In the face of intelligent advantages, but the range of pure electric vehicles is short board and have the advantages of endurance, intelligent but has a significant disadvantage of fuel vehicles, consumers can only choose in the tangle when buying a car, can not have both “fish and bear’s palm”?Last year, there may not be a perfect answer to that question.But this year is different, because wei brand Mocha DHT-PHEV is coming.Smart driver assistance is not just an era of intelligence for new forces. New forces such as Tesla and Ulsholi are calling the era of software definition deafening.Because of this, consumers’ understanding of automobile products is no longer only about precise mechanical operation, but also about the intelligent extension of more expansive comfort and convenience.However, in Wei’s view, “science and technology” should not and cannot be the exclusive label of new powers.Therefore, Wei pai launched mocha DHT-PHEV to occupy the commanding heights of new energy technology with high-order intelligence, and achieve comprehensive subversion of the performance, intelligence and quality of independent flagship products.It is worth mentioning that in terms of strength, Mocha DHT-PHEV is indeed the first to take back the “science and technology” value attribute from the hands of the new forces, and firmly grasp the initiative in their own hands.Specifically, Mocha DHT-PHEV combines the advantages of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles, and makes up for their disadvantages.Especially in intelligent driving, the strength of Mocha DHT-PHEV can be described as “beyond the new power”.When it comes to intelligent driving assistance capability, the NOH intelligent piloting assistance system that is standard for all mocha DHT-PHEV systems is an unavoidable topic.According to reports, Mocha NOH is a high-speed intelligent pilot-assisted driving system built in combination with China’s road environment. It deeply integrates the vehicle-mounted navigation system, high-precision map and HWA high-speed driving assistance, improving the point-to-point intelligent navigation assisted driving capability of high-speed and urban fast roads (with high-precision map coverage).At the hardware level, Mocha NOH uses the world’s leading electrical architecture and is equipped with qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, with the system computing capacity 3 times that of the mainstream models on the market.With the help of this chip, Mocha NOH can provide a smarter, safer and more convenient car use experience in more complex car use scenarios.In terms of software, Mocha NOH has also carried out comprehensive tests according to the road conditions of China and the driving habits of Chinese users, so that it can drive smoothly on Chinese roads in a more stable and safe manner, and at the same time, its functions are closer to the actual driving scenes of users.It can be said that Mocha NOH is the same as Ideal NOA, NIO NOP, Xiaopeng NGP and Tesla EPA in terms of technical and functional demands.However, mocha NOH has higher requirements on hardware base and software Settings.Having said so much, mocha DHT-PHEV in the end is how to achieve high-speed long-distance driving consumers safe and carefree?Car owners who have experienced high-speed long-distance driving should know that although the highway is usually not more vehicles than the city road, but because the speed is higher, the probability of accidents is higher than the ordinary highway.In particular, the front car suddenly brake after car rear-end situation, in the superhighway out in endlessly.And when driving at high speed, as long as a little distracted, the vehicle may have driven out of dozens of meters, it is easy to miss the high-speed exit or take the wrong ramp.However, these car anxiety in front of the Mocha DHT-PHEV, will no longer be a problem.Because mocha NOH not only allows mocha DHT-PHEV to assist drivers in safety avoidance, lane change overtaking, intelligent control of speed and distance in front of the vehicle, but also to achieve intelligent lead up and down ramps, lane change protection, avoidance inlet, switch high/fast road and intelligent avoidance vehicles.In practice, mocha dht-phev’s HWA highway driver assistance system can be activated as long as the speed reaches 40km/h.After that, the system will automatically take over the vehicle, allowing the driver to drive hands-free.When changing lanes, there is no need to hit the steering wheel, just need to turn on the turn signal, the system will automatically judge whether the rear is safe or not, and then change lanes.As the video below shows.In other words, the Mocha DHT-PHEV not only improves safety at high speeds, but also relieves driver fatigue.Relevant data show that the annual accident rate of China’s highways is twice that of ordinary roads, the death rate is as high as 74%, and the human factors of highway accidents account for more than 95%.Imagine if all cars were equipped with intelligent safe driving systems like the Mocha NOH. Would the accident rate on the highway drop exponentially?About five years ago, a number of new forces were springing up to build cars.They haven’t been around long enough, but we seem to be getting used to them.After all, new energy vehicles are making our travel cleaner and smarter.However, as mentioned above, new energy vehicles are not without shortcomings, that is, range anxiety, charging anxiety…So, life in a car with zero anxiety can only exist in the imagination?Isn’t there a technology route that can have both the hassle-free convenience of a conventional gas car and the clean and fun of an electric one?Mocha DHT-PHEV tells us this is not the case.As the first flagship model of the brand new category of “0 anxiety intelligent electric” opened by Wei Pai, Mocha DHT-PHEV has a pure electric range of 204 km and a fuel consumption of 5.55L/ 100 km, and can reach a comprehensive range of 1000+ km when full of fuel and full of electricity.In other words, Mocha DHT-PHEV has completely solved the contradiction between new energy power and current consumer car demand. It is not only a new energy car that can be as convenient as a fuel car, but also a fuel car that is as easy to drive and fun as a pure electric car.So, what is the concept of this set of data?The pure electric range of the MOka DHT-PHEV is basically enough for a week’s charging on a weekday, if we calculate the commuting distance of 40 kilometers per day.This means that the Mocha DHT-PHEV can make most office workers no longer afraid of gas prices.From the perspective of long-distance travel, Mocha DHT-PHEV’s endurance of more than 1,000 kilometers can perfectly make up for the shortcomings of pure electric vehicles and replace traditional fuel models.Can perfectly combine the advantages of pure electric vehicles and fuel cars behind, can not leave the technical support of the core, this is intelligent DHT technology.According to reports, the intelligent DHT hybrid technology carried by Mocha DHT-PHEV adopts a dual-motor hybrid topology, which can achieve separate output of hybrid and electric modes.Among them, the electric mode has super long endurance, while the hybrid mode can realize a variety of working modes such as hybrid coupling, two-speed direct drive and energy recovery.Be worth what carry is, with the most use of the parallel hybrid car companies, and compared with the price increase program electric, mocha DHT – PHEV DHT technology not only has the intelligence, more efficient power output, but also more toward electric vehicle driving feeling driving experience, truly realized will kinetic energy maximum use of every drop of fuel.Besides, what do young people hate most in this day and age?After a moment’s thought, the answer springs to mind: boring and monotonous.In this regard, Mocha DHT-PHEV has a clear understanding.Therefore, compared with the models under the new force brand, Mocha DHT-PHEV is no less intelligent and playable.Taking The intelligent voice interaction system Xiaowei 2.0 as an example, the system not only supports functions such as visible and speaking, 20-second continuous dialogue and context understanding, but also can be used to switch driving mode and start automatic parking. There are 14 car devices and car control capabilities that can be controlled by voice.In other words, mocha DHT-PHEV with powerful intelligent entertainment functions can make the user’s control of the vehicle in long-distance driving easier, more interesting and comfortable.Write last: “This era has entered the ‘K-shaped era’, the industry is sharply divided, it is likely that only a few companies can cope with change and achieve innovation will stand out.”That’s what financial writer Wu Xiaobo put forward in his 2021 New Year’s Eve speech.This is particularly evident in the automobile industry.Upward in the past, Chinese brand competition, the only ones, broken ring is limited to 200000 levels of the fuel vehicle, the emergence of hybrid technology now wei card intelligent DHT, in let mocha DHT – PHEV have the same price of pure electric vehicles, increase programming models, and even luxury brands dimension reduction of strike capability at the same time, also for the Chinese brand new broken ring provides a new path.At the same time, regardless of the range and cost of the car, even in many luxury brands and new power brands advocate intelligence, Wei brand Mocha DHT-PHEV is a body position ahead.Because, wei brand Mocha DHT-PHEV all standard NOH intelligent piloting assistance system, can only be seen in competitors’ high-level models, even concept models.The loop of the product or finally to fall on the user’s loop.The Mocha DHT-PHEV will be the best choice for those consumers who don’t want to be bothered by the range or choose a fuel car with poor intelligent experience in the current high oil price.