One’s village has water, electricity, roads and Internet;A man alone in a village, the most afraid of midnight knock

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There is a small mountain village called Leicao Lake in Wawu Town, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City. At most, there were 12 families and nearly 100 people, but now only one person stays at home all the year round and becomes the last watchman of the village.A person alone in a village, how does she usually live?Is her Spring Festival different?Dahe Daily reporter chose the 13th day of the Lunar New Year to visit.Thunder Grass Lake is located in the hinterland of Funiu Mountain, different from the surrounding villages scattered in the middle of the mountain or the bottom of the ditch, the village is located at the top of the highest sea level Thunder grass Lake.On a good day, you can see the endless Zhaoping Lake.At its peak, there were nearly 100 people in 12 households.Now Chen Chao’s family is the only one left in Leicao Lake. Usually, Chen Chao’s mother is the only one at home. She joked in an interview that “after Chen Chao went out with his father after the Chinese New Year, I was left alone in the village again.Now the mountain has a new road, water, electricity and Internet access, very convenient, but there is no one, usually accompany Chen Chao’s mother, except chickens and ducks, is the cat.Before the Spring Festival, the father and son, who had been working outside, came back to the village. Chen Chaoma had a rare smile on her face.The two men in the house seemed very close to her, but they were very far away;It’s almost impossible to see them all year round except for the Chinese New Year.Last year, Chen Chao first went to Changji, Xinjiang province, to rent land for planting melons, and earned more than 200,000 yuan. Then he went to Shanghai to work for more than three months, and earned more than 30,000 yuan. However, his father was not lucky, because he was affected by the epidemic.While living in ray was before twelve villager live far apart, there are four do the door son-in-law, there are several bought a house in the county, there are several moved to nearby the soup or WaWu township, but still searching for ways to make their householders if not the couplets of the collapsed house labeled thriving, and only in 28 the day of the lunar year, Chen mother to see long-lost old neighbor,We went round and round the village, remembering the excitement when nearly 100 people in the village played swings, played cards and drank wine during the Spring Festival.With journalists associated with ray was taken short video on the network, not only has a near net friend to come to the thunder was clock in, also have a few household registering the villagers moved out again want to come back, while some netizens in metropolis want to experience in the rental vacancy farmhouse here idyllic life, and Chen has struck an agreement with her parents during the Spring Festival,I want to use the money I earned last year to rebuild my new house in Thunder Grass Lake and put down roots here.Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Zhao Pengyu