Osteoporosis’ accelerator ‘Found?For healthy bones, eat less green and white

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Bone as an important ingredient, keep the body running on cell surface and physiological activities have played an important role to maintain, developing adolescents to supplement calcium bone growth is relatively strong, the elderly bone health that notices oneself to a certain extent, also slow down the symptoms have osteoporosis risk.Medical clinical point of view shows that the symptoms of osteoporosis is due to the body bone mineral density decline trend indirectly led to the occurrence of bone mass reduction discomfort phenomenon, the high incidence of this metabolic disease is 55 to 75 years old middle-aged and old people, the disease is swelling pain, continuous development state.The growth law of body bone density changes with age from a downward trend, do not pay attention to the intake of nutrients in the body, which indirectly leads to a sharp increase in the probability of middle-aged and old people suffering from bone diseases.01 Why the increasing number of osteoporosis patients?One of the main causes of osteoporosis in medicine is metabolic disease. Bone structure is damaged by internal environmental factors, which directly affects the stability of bone mass.Smoking and drinking for a long time indirectly leads to the induction of osteoporosis symptoms. Nicotine and ether in it damage the liver surface tissue after ingestion, affecting the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. Even if calcium is ingested, it cannot be completely consumed and decomposed.The cause of the symptoms of osteoporosis induced by the body and the lack of calcium formed the proportional relations, is not lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis induced symptoms, but due to a lack of female hormones in the body cause the symptoms of metabolic bone, to a certain extent, led to increasing the risk of the symptoms of the elderly patients with osteoporosis.Kidney is one of the indispensable parts of the body’s detoxification metabolism. Once the pathological phenomenon occurs, the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus is blocked, which leads to the concurrent symptoms of osteoporosis to a certain extent.In terms of medical treatment for patients with severe digestive tract diseases, conservative treatment and partial resection completely hinder the development of serious bacteria, and the digestive tract is affected by certain lesions, which hinders the body’s synthesis and consumption of vitamin D and indirectly leads to the induction of osteoporosis symptoms.The probability of osteoporosis in the elderly who suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for a long time is as high as 75%, which is due to the long-term use of corticosteroid drugs resulting in a certain drug principle reaction and indirect damage to bone structure.02 Osteoporosis’ accelerator ‘Found?Need to stay away as soon as possible through certain medical experimental analysis shows that: pickled food is one of the major killers of bone structure damage and bone density reduction.With the continuous development of The Times, people gradually increase their dietary requirements, but it is inevitable that the elderly still go their own way. The method of rice porridge and steamed bread with pickled pickles has become a traditional imprinting in the dietary behavior of the elderly.Pickled class food although tastes very crispy, but in its production process to join a large amount of consumption of iodized salt, brewed by pickling, wake up again and step to produce a large amount of nitrite substances, affect the gastrointestinal tract after intake of the human body health, through the liver detoxification metabolism affected liver skin tissues, and the secretion of bile.Elderly people who often eat such food are more likely to hinder the excretion of toxin waste, and various tissues and organs are prone to pathological changes, which damage the healthy bone structure to a certain extent, lead to increased calcium loss, aggravate the risk of osteoporosis, and affect the body’s exercise ability to a certain extent.03 doctors remind: want to bone health, away from the green 1 white 1, 2 of spinach spinach spinach soup, salad recipe is common in families, it would be a simple out of some of the older population’s favorite, but after a certain amount of research results show that the spinach in the generated a lot of oxalic acid in the process of cooking, eating after the human body can cause bone embrittlement phenomenon occurred.It is suggested that the elderly must pay attention to the intake of spinach in their daily life, to avoid the intake of a large number of oxalic acid substances in a short time, which affects bone health.2, leek leek scrambled eggs, dumplings cooking has become one of the household dishes, the vitamin content in a certain extent to supplement the lack of nutrients in the body, indirectly enhance the immune system circulation mechanism.But for the elderly, their bones are showing a downward trend. If they develop the habit of eating leeks for a long time, they will only increase the rate of their calcium loss, and react with certain calcium substances to form calcium oxalate, which is not conducive to health.Quinoa is aimed at quinoa this one thing, believe at most person is not very familiar, major old people can regard it as certain to add normally taste collocation rice and millet boil congeu, achieved staple food and coarse grain mutual mix, the purpose of stimulative gastrointestinal tract peristalsis vigor.Although it is a coarse grain rich in dietary fiber content, it contains a large number of acid and alkaline components, which affects the absorption and consumption of calcium material after taking in human body. It is suggested that the elderly should avoid the habit of eating quinoa in ordinary life, so as not to cause the body to be short of calcium and induce the occurrence of osteoporosis symptoms.Care for bone health, what should be done?Bone and tooth health cannot be achieved without the participation of calcium. In order to reduce the decline of bone mineral density in the body to reach the normal range, it is necessary to timely supplement the lack of calcium in the body. It is suggested that the elderly eat more fish, duck, soy products and other foods in daily life to supplement the lack of nutrients in the body.The growth and development of the surface tissue cells of the body cannot be separated from the participation of potassium, and the integrity of the bone structure also depends on the support of potassium. It is suggested that we eat tomatoes, bananas, apples and other fresh fruits in our daily life, which can supplement the nutrients lacking in the body to a certain extent and protect the bone health.The growth and development of the body can not be without the participation of magnesium, the trace component, if the lack of automatic nutrients for a long time will lead to the occurrence of bone embrittlement phenomenon, it is recommended that we eat more beans, peas and other beans in daily life to supplement the lack of nutrients in the body.
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