Taizhou Hailing District administrative approval sounded the “return” assembly call

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On February 7, on my first day after the Spring Festival, taizhou ‘district government affairs service center of individual service window open all normal, staff, with full enthusiasm, good mental state, quickly into the tense and orderly work, for the hall management to enterprise and the masses to provide a warm heart and efficient service.New Year new start, ‘district bureau of administrative examination and approval will be firmly established the working concept of “service for the people stop yu zhishan”, the working mechanism of continuous innovation, and focus on service enterprises crowd demand, actively planning work ideas, accepting heart get – ting Marty natalegawa, work busy and orderly state, to pursue “happiness'” running, bear firmly shouldering the mission,To write a new chapter of Hailing development to contribute to the wisdom, strength and responsibility of government affairs.According to ‘area Chang Baohai secretary of the administrative examination and approval, before and after the Spring Festival, the agency continues to focus on epidemic prevention and control, service quality, and the effect, discipline style, to ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation non-stop relaxation, serve the masses, not lax discipline style, with sweet and warm heart service horn blew accepting heart “place”, for the masses to provide warmth, security office space,With sufficient energy, full of enthusiasm to create a spring breeze, welcome home government service environment.We will not slacken our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis.At the present stage, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim. In order to provide a safe and secure working environment for the public, the District Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau attaches great importance to it. On the first day of work, 161 staff members in total were organized to conduct a new round of nucleic acid testing, and the health code, 14-day travel code and body temperature of staff and staff were monitored regularly.While doing a good job in the prevention and control work, we will actively encourage people to run government services online, through the palm of their hands, and by appointment, to ensure that government services are carried out in an orderly manner.We will continue to reform government efficiency.We will make early plans for, promptly arrange and implement all our work to ensure that the reform of government review and approval will reach a new level.We will move faster to improve the review and approval services provided by one website, one door, and one window at a time. We will spare no effort to advance the reform of “handling one thing at a time”. We will take drastic steps to reduce the number of materials, procedures, and procedures, and reduce costs.The closing time is more than 80% and 90% shorter than the legal time limit to achieve online transactions without face-to-face contact.Stick to the original aspiration of serving the people.And convenient for the target enterprises, the sound “good bad review”, “12345” government hotline evaluation mechanism, give full play to the government business environment evaluation of the third party found the problem, put forward problem, the rectification problem such as closed loop corrective improve efficiency, firmly establish a “everyone is doing business” action consciously, don’t speak “bad”, only speak “to do”,We will strive to increase the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of the people involved.Source | Interchange Correspondent | Zhao Tingting