To get to know the city, start with the dark food

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“To know a city, start with its taste.” When it comes to Xiamen cuisine, I believe that most people will immediately think of satay tea noodles and tu bamboo shoot jelly. For Xiamen people, satay tea noodles and tu bamboo shoot jelly are the tastes of their hometown.For outsiders, it is also a novel experience to taste satay tea noodles and bamboo shoot jelly.
Satay noodles: Memories hidden in soup
Satay noodles is a traditional snack in Xiamen with a history of more than 80 years. It is made from dozens of nutritious seafood, with a satay sauce that has been refined through more than 10 processes, plus a rich stock and some delicious ingredients.

According to the introduction of local people, the reporter found it is said to be xiamen’s first satay noodle shop, the owner said that in 1935 his father came to Xiamen from Indonesia, carrying shoulder load in zhongshan Road selling satay noodles.The origin of the name of “satcha noodles” also has an interesting story.
1954 we are in zhongshan road bureau mouth street stall, my old father says we write a sign, at that time I primary school sixth grade, do not know “sha dia” two words how to write, according to the dialect of Xiamen, “sha” is the sand of stone sand, Xiamen dialect tea call “dia”, I write “sha tea” two words according to it.
The owner of a satay noodle shop
For locals, satay noodles are not only a snack, but also a memory.

Xiamen seafood represents “earth bamboo shoot jelly”

In addition to satcha noodles, earth bamboo shoot jelly is also one of the famous special snacks in Xiamen.The jelly is made of earthworm-like star worm, so it is regarded as a “dark cuisine” in Fujian by people from other provinces.


Fill the frozen bamboo shoots made in advance, add coriander, sauce and auxiliary vegetables on top, and you can eat them

Today, earth bamboo shoot jelly has become the “most Xiamen” seafood representative, is also the most nostalgic local food xiamen people like.

Click in and take the most beautiful photos of the restaurant
With the continuous change of catering mode, a new compound restaurant began to appear slowly.On the beach of Guanyin Mountain, there is an exotic bar that combines southern France and the Mediterranean.


Xiamen is a tourist city, the flow of tourists is very large, this restaurant is targeted at young people, but the young people’s requirements for catering is not only delicious, beautiful environment, suitable for taking photos and other factors are equally important.