Us warship trespass into territorial waters, biden wants to force China to help “rescue”?Opposed by the business community

2022-06-15 0 By

It is well known that whenever the United States faces a difficult situation, it needs to distract its attention by some actions. But now, with the appearance of the USS Benford destroyer entering the Xisha Islands without China’s approval, it is clear that the United States must have a new problem.After the USS Benford trespassed into China’s territorial waters, China immediately tracked it away and issued a stern warning. And unlike previous US naval vessels trespassing into China’s territorial waters, this time the US operation has already touched internal waters.For this, the public opinion has been evaluated, relying on reason with the United States has not worked, after all, “pirates” but never reason.So what exactly is the us trying to achieve?Speculation, American warships this bold move, for the ground is to, by using the method of to put pressure on China to let the Chinese help the us government “clearance” passive, transfer the government is now under various pressure, because Joe biden in “cancel tariffs on China” is still not clear on this issue, but about the people in the business,They don’t have any more time to wait, so in the meantime, American business people are pressing the government to make a choice.The day before the USS Benford arrived in Chinese waters, Biden was mobbed by staffers at a news conference asking when tariffs would be lifted.Mr Biden, however, said he was not sure what the decision would be, adding that China “has not delivered”.In a sign of this, Biden remains adamant that he has no intention of lifting tariffs on China without significant concessions from Beijing.When it comes to imposing tariffs on China, the trump administration wants a trade war with China and believes the U.S. has a strong enough advantage in trade and technology to “win twice in a row” against China.As a result, the US government chose to impose tariffs on a total of $370bn of Chinese goods, which also led to the inclusion of 600 Chinese companies on the so-called “entity list”.In addition, Trump also increased the blockade on China’s scientific and technological development at that time, so as to achieve a comprehensive restriction effect.Now, the US government has obviously failed to achieve these goals, and the reality runs counter to their assumptions, and the US has felt the taste of “stealing a chicken does not eat the rice”.With business hurting one after another, they can’t afford to give the Biden administration any more time to think about it, and let him continue to lose money in his vague hesitations.Thus, instead of achieving its goal of “winning two games in a row” with China, the United States even lost two games directly.Part reference: Xinhuanet, global Net, National Defense Times