Voice of NPC and CPPCC | Shi Xuedong representative: Party branch led cooperatives to help rural revitalization

2022-06-15 0 By

As a representative from the rural grassroots level, what I pay most attention to is how to speed up the building of the new highland of rural revitalization and make Yimeng village glow with the charm of The Times.At present, in the practical work of rural construction, especially in the party branch leading the construction of cooperatives, there are still some pain points and difficulties.Want the government to introduce more about leading of party branch LingBan cooperatives, will the political advantage of party branch, the organic combination of organization and cooperative economic advantages, the party set up, to organize the masses, the merchants gathered to, and means of development, win-win cooperation, explore “party branch + cooperative + peasant household” model of development,Through the party branch to lead cooperatives, cooperatives to develop industry, industry to promote poverty alleviation, play the “build, learn, guide” cooperative party building trilogy, and strive to achieve the rich people and strong village.Wang Xiao, a media reporter in the presence of the newspaper