Disappointed!China’s national football team lost 3-1, two rounds ahead of the Qatar World Cup!

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# # the team’s hit 12 strong matches (Beijing time) on February 1, the lunar day, 12 strong team round 8, the Chinese men’s soccer in a buoyant Vietnam team beautiful pavilion stadium challenge seven straight road games, results everyone see, our team’s “expectations”, disgrace and 1:3 loss during the Vietnam team, complete the Qatar.In the first 16 minutes of the match, The Chinese men’s national football team lost the ball with a 60% possession rate. In the 10th and 16th minutes, the opponents scored two goals in a series, which caused psychological imbalance of the players. Finally, xu Xin scored a face-saving goal near the end of the match and lost the game 1:3 in Meiting Stadium.A 1:3 defeat, after the game coach li xiaopeng apologized to the people of the whole country for the first time, for a time, caused a large number of netizens a curse, harsh words can be heard:”You design a hammer”, “said you high emotional intelligence, how more and more high?” “see this as a result, not a trace of heartache, what” “the player, coach” landfill “give li3 tie3 apologize to” see a sentence and a bristle, heart can’t calm, no wonder netizens is not calm, the team’s big masters also is really face all don’t, you know,The last time we lost to our opponent was all the way back in 1959.In 63 years, from the 6-1 victory to the 3-1 defeat, the national football team has fallen step by step. We are just like asking the national football team’s big men: “Are you ashamed?” With high annual salary, driving luxury cars, one by one, five feet big men, can you point your face?The whole country celebrating this great day of the Spring Festival, with a 3-1 defeat farewell 12 strong game, the Chinese team’s a shame to throw home, look at them 12 strong performance let people heartache, let you recall, before the team’s strong stigma trip: team first round, the Chinese men’s soccer game 3-0 Australia group second round, the Chinese men’s soccer 0:1 Japan group 3rd round, China Men’s Football 3:2 Vietnam Group 4th round, China men’s Football 2:3 Saudi Arabia Group 5th round, China men’s football 1:1 Oman Group 6th round, China men’s Football 1:1 Australia Group 7th round, China men’s football 0:2 Japan Group 8th round, China men’s football 1:3 Vietnam 8 games only 1 win, the group of five opponents, the National football team has not lost to Oman, 5 points ranked at the bottom of the group, behind the third Australia more than 10 points, two rounds ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is really bold to ah!I thought that after the change of coach, the Chinese men’s football team can bring us a surprise, the result is not a surprise, but a shock, lost even pants are gone, this is our great national football team, not let us down.Good, don’t say, heartache, national football big old man, an apology is difficult to level the people’s lost heart, look out for yourself!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please inform the first time, immediately delete!Want to know more exciting content, come to benben Kanqiu