On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, yangzhou scenic spot activities were wonderful

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“Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year!Accompanied by happy singing, Xichun stage in front of the golden lion xianrui, dressed in red Chinese dress girls dancing.On the first day of the Year of the Yin Tiger, Yangzhou Slender West Lake Scenic Area kicked off the Spring Festival activities in this way.Visitors and citizens share the lucky bags handed out by thin West Lake, and also touch the golden lion’s head to win a good fortune for the New Year.On the dock in front of xichun platform, slender West Lake boat women are ready to start the New Year’s upstream journey for everyone.The red tiger toy in their hands became the most timely group photo object.At the same time, the garden located in the old city of Yangzhou is also full of festive atmosphere.Qiuqiufandai actors with youth dynamic dance, elegant qing song and clever puppet performance, welcome eight visitors.During the performance, the two god of wealth appeared and quickly became the focus of the group photo.Busy and calligraphy teacher, he brush such as flying, write different forms of the word “fu”, sent to the scene of tourists and citizens, to express the park scenic spot sincere New Year wishes to everyone.The scenic spots in Yangzhou are wonderful this Spring Festival.While the time is just right, while the family gets together, go to the scenic spot to punch in the tour.Special notice from tomorrow evening, slender West Lake “two moon yangzhou” immersive night tour will open the Spring Festival special, in the dream of light and shadow, let us return to the tang Dynasty.Photo/Ryu Yi