The 50-year-old kung fu star starred in a bad movie, which made only 1.84 million yuan at the box office and was hidden for five years

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Zhao Wenzhuo and Wu Jing, two kung fu superstars, have had very different fates.In the popular era of kung fu films, the former with “Fang Shiyu” and Jet Li wonderful fighting and acting, the debut of the “god”;The latter in the “Tai Chi Master”, flowing water action guidance, showing no less than the Hong Kong and Taiwan movie stars typhoon.At that time, Zhao wenzhuo and Wu Jing had equal market shares in both movies and TV series. However, 20 years later, Wu Jing is preparing to hit 30 billion yuan at the box office, while Zhao Wenzhuo is remaking his previous works and starring in bad films.Starring Vincent zhao action film “tattoo” release in the middle of this month, as of January 26 accumulative total box office only $1.84 million, less than 7900 people wanted to see the film, line at the box office of hip is expected to speed up the “tattoo” online network, it is not hard to guess, network big movie rise in recent years, also let the 50-year-old kung fu star wants to share,Wu yue “angry Ox” net box office success is let Zhao Wenzhuo see hope, but the network film has been 50 years old Zhao Wenzhuo, is not so good mix.Several movies turned into duds, and The Tattoo was buried for five years.Cho seems to have been very busy in the past few years, including four films:First “Kung Fu League”, then followed the trend of making network movies, and starred in “Once upon a Time” series. In 2021, he made “Strike Back” with the same theme as “Wolf Warrior”. It seems that he has made a lot of films, but in fact, they all have very poor reputation, with the lowest score of 3.2 and the highest score of 4.7.It is mainly because of zhao wenzhuo’s early accumulated audience reputation that these online blockbusters will not fail at the box office.”Tattoo” may have been released on January 14, 2022, but it was five years ago.Filming and production as early as in 2017 has been completed, as to why the slow release, to be “frozen” for five years, curator of the thought that this may be as starring Vincent zhao come back in a few films about the market reaction, as Vincent zhao return department first starring “Sue a beggar”, claims to be “the first Chinese kung fu movies” 3 d, at a cost of about 130 million taken out,Even invited jay Chou, the king of Heaven, to guest star, but unfortunately, it was hit by 49 million yuan at the box office. In the end, it could not even recover the cost. In 2017, The Movie Swing Kou finally got 6.0 points of public praise, but the box office still stopped at 65 million yuan.The box office won’t even recover the cost, and any investor would want to pull the movie from theaters.Why is Tattoo being re-released after five years in the wilderness?The answer is very simple, because Zhao Wenzhuo participated in a number of variety shows, in the turn of traffic exposure, the popularity of the fame has been significantly improved, so that the “Tattoo” has been hidden for 5 years re-scheduled.There was once a “kung Fu superstar”, his name was Zhao Wenzhuo.When everyone is lamenting wu Jing’s box office record, does anyone remember another “kung fu superstar” – Zhao Wenzhuo?Zhao wenzhuo, regarded as the “successor to Jet Li”, had a smooth start. Not only did he succeed Jet Li in the most famous “Huang Fei Hong series”, but Tsui Hark also made several blockbusters for him, including but not limited to “Green Snake” and “Knife”, which made him a great success.Wu Jing, on the other hand, is not as lucky as Zhao wenzhuo. It is clearly to fill the lack of potential kung fu actors in the Mainland, after coming to Hong Kong, almost all of them are walk-on roles, and their income is less than half of Zhao Wenzhuo’s, not to mention the popularity.Now, 20 years later, the situation has been reversed.It is interesting that wu Jing’s “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” and Zhao Wenzhuo’s “Tattoo” were announced on December 30, the same day.Wu Jing’s “Watergate Bridge” stole the spotlight. If Zhao wenzhuo was not still known, the film would have been completely ignored.Cho, 50, has been playing his best cards to the bone. He has played a few singles over the years, each worse than the last.The script of The Tattoo was 10 years in the making, but the plot was a mess. The 2017 film was five years in the making, and while the action may have been advanced at the time, many of the scenes and dialogue have become stale over the years.These elements make The Tattoo a bad movie, and a generation of kung Fu superstars has fallen by the way.Director of the film: the script polished for 10 years, the film was “hidden” for 5 years, what is this SAO operation?The 50-year-old kung fu star hopes to turn the Internet into a big movie, but he is not able to do so.The pictures used in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.(Article: Wind breeze, reproduced please indicate the source “daily video museum”, no indication of discovery will be investigated!# Wenzhuo Cho #