2-3!20 goals in a single season in the European Cup silver boot, only 2 people in the five major leagues to achieve this, beating Ronaldo + Messi

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February 19, Beijing time early morning, the German Bundesliga 23rd round of a game, the league third bayer Leverkusen away challenge mainz.Leverkusen, for their part, will narrow the gap with Dortmund once they win in the early hours of the morning.Bayer Leverkusen, who were twice ahead in the match, were beaten 3-2 in the final minutes.Due to the absence of European duty in midweek, bayer leverkusen team physical reserves are very adequate.Bayer leverkusen fielded a first-team led by Sigg to face mid-table mainz in the league.A goal from Sigg would give him his 20th bundesliga goal of the season, and the European Cup’s silver boot has had an outstanding season.Hick’s goal of 20 goals in a season was accomplished in the first half of the game.35 minutes, heathcliff, up front foot long shots after the ball, the ball hit after all a deflection, bayer leverkusen successfully achieved a 1-0 advantage, and the Czech republic international is also successfully completed the 20 goals a season in the league, he now has four goals in the gap in top scorer off harland, five league and only he and lai’s 20 goals,It is a feat messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have failed to achieve this season.Sigg is the first player to score 20 bundesliga goals in nine years.However for Leverkusen, the second half just came back they suffered a series of blows.The first came in the 48th minute when Sigg was replaced early because of injury, which greatly reduced bayer leverkusen’s threat.A few minutes later Mainz were level at 1-1 when Allan Martin scored from a free kick.A few minutes later mainz scored again from a free-kick, but the goal was deemed offside.Leverkusen took the lead again in the 74th minute.Alario, who came on as a substitute for Sigg, put the visitors back in front with a powerful shot from inside the box.Bayer leverkusen failed to kill the game early in the 81st minute when Alario missed a shot from close range.The 84th minute, Mainz did not give up the attack, boettius a non-stop end shot, completely equalized the score.And in the 88th minute, Mainz achieved the goal of the game, because of the waltersen in the chaos of the low shot, the capacity of more than 30 million fans in the party.Bayer leverkusen lost 3-2 after 90 minutes to end their four-game winning streak.Obviously, for Leverkusen, the early morning game can be described as a series of blows.In addition to the game was a knockout, Hick is injured is also a big loss.Next, Bayer leverkusen also have to prepare for bayern Munich, European games, the task is very difficult.